Legal Practice Management Software Wish List

We constantly engage our attorney customers to keep tabs of the most pressing requests for product improvement. What follows is a short list of some of the most consistent requests we receive for future enhancements to our online legal office manager, Rocket Matter.

Improving Your Law Firm's Creative Outlook

Lawyers, despite what they think, are not very good at encouraging creative thinking. Certainly, we’re trained to seek out similar opinions to the current situation or to find interesting ways to assist clients avoid regulation, but law firm partners don’t often encourage their teams (associates, junior partners, etc.) to be creative.

How to Receive CLE Credit for Legal Productivity Webinars

To see if your state permits CLE Reciprocity with Florida, please check out Tim Baran’s excellent CLE Reciprocity Guide. You may also fill out a Uniform Certificate of Attendance and file it with your CLE commission within 30 days of your session. Make sure you attend the entire duration of our webinars, as CLE requirements […]

Free CLE: How to Work With Contract Lawyers to Save Your Firm Money, Increase Profits, and Get Your Life Back

Please join us for our FREE CLE Webinar series this Thursday, September 23rd at 12PM EDT! Register for How to Work With Contract Lawyers to Save Your Firm Money, Increase Profits, and Get Your Life Back Guest Presenter: Lisa Solomon Outsourcing is the wave of the future. But it doesn’t necessarily mean sending work overseas, […]

Legal Project Management: Why Lawyers Should Get Agile

As legal professionals join the project management party, hopefully they can benefit by arriving late. Other industries have invented project management techniques, many of which were reactions to previous methodologies that didn’t quite work. Software, for example, has seen technique after technique come and go, leaving failed initiatives in their wake.

Legal Practice Management Software. What Does That Even mean?

Case Management Software. Matter Management Software. Legal Practice Management Software. All of these terms and more are frequently used to describe law firm software which, most people agree, does a bunch of stuff. The problem is, most lawyers I talk to don’t know what that stuff is. In fact, many of them never even heard […]