Improvements provide easy-to-use trust accounting functionality and enriched billing options BOCA RATON, FL – March 25, 2010 – Rocket Matter®, the leading cloud legal practice management and time and billing solution for small to mid-sized law firms, today announced the addition of legal trust accounting and upgraded billing functionality to their signature product. Rocket Matter […]

Recap: Time Blocking Webinar with Barbara Nelson

Thanks to all who attended and to Barbara Nelson, who did a fantastic job!  Make sure you take advantage of her free coaching call: * Monday, March 1st * 3pm-4pm, ET * 218-895-0646 * code 2227# Barbara pioneered a number of “firsts” in this webinar:  first time we put one of the attendees on the […]

LegalTech 2010 Part 2: FutureLawyer Signs Up for Rocket Matter on Android, Interview with Designer

We were excited about the response to Ariel and Larry’s Excellent Adventure at LegalTech 2010 Part 1 (which was actually episode four and occurs after the fall of the old republic). In Part 2, FutureLawyer Rick Georges decides to move his practice management into the cloud and chooses Rocket Matter. We show him setting up […]

How to Avoid the Black Hole of Email

Busy people pride themselves on their multi-tasking abilities.  However, every time you make the context switch from one activity to the other, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t recognize the overhead that goes with it. The overhead of switching tasks can be minimal.  It might take a couple of seconds to get one’s bearings, or […]

Rocket Matter Makes Auto-Activation Available to New Customers and Improves Calendar Features Within SaaS Product

Company gives new clients the ability to sign themselves up for Rocket Matter and also makes product enhancements to make the award-winning software even more user-friendly Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) January 7, 2010 — Rocket Matter®, the leading Web-based legal practice management and time and billing solution for small to mid-sized law firms, today announced […]

How to use Google Scholar for Legal Case Research with Rocket Matter

When we built Rocket Matter, we kept web-based legal research in mind.  We wanted to make it easy and intuitive to associate research with your matters. Now that Google has rolled incorporated legal opinion and journals into their Scholar search, building and organizing your cases has never been easier.  Here’s how you can use Google […]