Securely Collaborate with Your Firm Using Communicator, a Live Chat for Law Firms

How great would it be if you could spend less time doing email and more time staying up-to-date with everything going on in your firm? Our Communicator feature lets you do just that by bringing instant messaging inside the Rocket Matter platform. With Communicator, you don’t have to leave Rocket Matter to live chat with your law firm colleagues. You can share files, host video conferences, and associate your conversations with cases so you can see your correspondence on your matter dashboards. Communicator works on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and PC.

Leverage internal messaging.

Cut down on internal firm email by chatting with your colleagues as you work on your cases in Rocket Matter. Messages can be saved to their own channels or saved to specific matters. Communicator is available on every page in Rocket Matter and is a fundamental component of our newly-redesigned mobile application. Our prediction: Communicator is going to quickly become an integral part of your firm’s operation.

Go virtual with video conferencing and file sharing.

Communicator allows you to do more than simply message colleagues. You also can share files with one another—and when you do this inside of Communicator, the file then becomes part of the matter you’re working on. Additionally, you can quickly spin up a video conference. Running a virtual law firm has never been easier!

Create events with natural language.

Want to quickly add an event? In Communicator, you can create new calendar events with natural language. For example, type something like, “Schedule depo for Wednesday at 9 a.m.” and a prompt will appear so you can immediately add the event to your calendar.

Organize conversations by matter.

Communicator allows you to organize your conversations on a matter-by-matter basis. When you do this, the conversations will appear as streams in your matter dashboard. You can also view much more than just your messages for a matter: You can see the activity going on for a particular case as well.

matter stream in Rocket Matter