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Family Law Software That’s Easy to Use on a Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad

Rocket Matter enables law practice management software usage on an iPad

65% Off A Quarterly Install for our Family Law Software

That’s an exclusive two free months for our Family Advocate readers! Sign up for a quarter of Rocket Matter and start lawyering on a Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad.

Use Your Coupon at Checkout

Special Quarterly Discount for Readers of Family Advocate

See our full-page advertisement in the October issue of Family Advocate for our special discount especially for you! When you sign up for a quarterly payment plan, you receive 65% off your first three months. That’s two months free! This exclusive offer is only for readers of Family Advocate! Enter the coupon code in the ad when you checkout to receive your deal. Remember, it must be a quarterly signup.Sign up for Rocket Matter

capture legal time and billing on the go with the Rocket Matter iPhone app

Capture Time and Expenses on the Go

You know what it’s like when you have to hustle to one thing after another. Quickly log your time and out of pocket expenses and associate them with a matter. Run a timer. You don’t have to worry about losing track of your activities as you sprint to depositions and hearings. When you combine our easy mobile time capture with Rocket Matter’s Bill As You Work™ technology, you’re going to capture more time than ever before. Discover more about our amazing billing

Rocket Matter iPhone App for Lawyers

Use our Awesome iPhone App for Lawyers

You instantly know from the second you launch the Rocket Matter iPhone app how to use it. That’s because our revolutionary app was designed to be used quickly and easily by busy attorneys on the go. Our app is built in native iOS and is not a web application, so there’s no waiting and no lag. And with its beautiful, sleek interface, the iPhone Rocket Matter app makes a big statement about the attorney using it. Download the App Now

Matter Dashboards: Imagine All Of Your Case Information in One Place

How great would it be if you could instantly pull up every critical piece of information for a matter?

Rocket Matter matter dashboards all you to do all of your legal case management at a glance with our powerful software

That’s what Rocket Matter’s matter dashboards allow. See all of your case’s calendar events, tasks, related contacts, time and billing information, and account balances from a single location, accessible quickly from anywhere in Rocket Matter. Plus, with Rocket Matter both your information and your client’s information is secure and continually backed up – basic ethical requirements for a modern lawyer. We built our online case management software from the ground up with busy, mobile – and careful – attorneys in mind. Sign up for Rocket Matter

Related Contacts and Conflict Checking

Who’s the judge in your matter? What’s her phone number? And who’s the opposing counsel again? Is there a potential conflict of interest? Rocket Matter’s contact system integrates directly with your matters, building practice histories and allowing you to search for and detect potential conflicts of interest. And in Wikipedia-like fashion, you can just click the name of a contact to bring up their information right from your Matter Dashboard.

Matter-by-Matter Task and Calendar Tracking

You have a firm-wide calendar and all of your “to-do”s in a nice list. But what if you want to see only what’s happening in a certain matter, across everyone in the firm?

Legal calendaring and task tracking tied into case management software

In Rocket Matter, each task and calendar item can be associated with a matter and assigned to different people in the law firm, allowing you to manage your practice quickly and efficiently. You can set color-coded deadlines, which let you know in a glance what’s imminent. And from a Matter Dashboard, you can see the activity for the entire firm in one place. Case management was never so easy! Switching’s easier than you think!

Unlimited Document Storage for the Paperless Office

Say goodbye to precious time lost to filing. Go paperless with Rocket Matter and become the ultimate organized lawyer.

Rocket Matter's Bulk Document Uploader now allows you to upload files as large as 10MB and you can upload media files.

Store and manage unlimited documents, notes, or case research URLs from Westlaw®, Lexis/Nexis®, or FastCase® with each matter. Have photographic evidence, deposition transcripts, or media from depositions? Upload them for safe keeping, associated with a matter. You can even associate billable time for your document work. And even better: no matter where you are, you can access your matter documents. No law practice management software does it better. Plus, if you’re a Dropbox® or Evernote® user, you can access your matter information stored in those great cloud tools through our easy-to-setup integration.

Find Your Information Easily with Tagging

Let’s face it: we’re all suffering from information overload. And what good is your case management software if it doesn’t allow you to organize and find things easily? Rocket Matter allows you to describe your matters, documents, and contacts in your system with labels called “tags” so you can easily locate the critical data in your work life.

Tagging allows you to manage your legal matters in a customized way in our legal practice management software

We know that great law practice management software helps you get at what’s important – fast. Have a Motion to Dismiss in Orange County? Label it with two tags: “Motion to Dismiss” and “Orange County”. Then with Rocket Matter’s Global Intelligent Search, you can see all of your “Motions to Dismiss” across all of your matters. Similarly, you can instantly find anything you’ve ever done or any person you’ve ever met in “Orange County”. Rocket Matter’s simple, easy-to-use tagging is just one of the tools that make it the fastest online law practice management software available.

30-Minute Monthly Matter Billing

Wouldn’t it be great to know your financial position in each case – billed time, unbilled time, expenses – to the cent? It’s one thing for your legal software to keep your case information organized, but keeping track of all the time and billing is often a challenge.

law practice management billing widgets

Not with Rocket Matter. Our Matter Dashboards show you how much work is ready to be invoiced. See instantly whether your client is current in their payments or if they owe you a lot of money. Our matter-specific ledgers allow you to see each case’s billing history. We even automatically store and backup your old invoices online so you can refer back to them. Read more about our amazing legal billing software that’s actually painless. We make managing trust accounting easy as well. Rocket Matter lets you accurately separate activity in your trust account from activity in your operating account. Adding to client trust account balances, transferring client funds in and out of trust accounts, applying those funds to invoices – it’s all there.

see trust accounting and legal billing information at a glance with our dashboards

And of course, what about getting the bills out on time? How many lawyers do you know who can get all their monthly legal billing done in 30 minutes or less? We know thousands! Our legal billing software accelerates all your time and billing and gets your monthly invoicing done in three clicks. Soon you too will find yourself in that group of happy lawyers. Get Me Started!

Matter Reports

Want to see all of your matters at a glance? How about a report of all your time and billing (including unbilled time and expenses) on each matter? Perhaps you want to see what billable activity is taking place across all matters, or which of your partners or associates has been spending the most time on their matters.

Trust Account Reporting - Client by Client Ledgers

Maybe you’re concerned about upcoming deadlines, scheduling orders, or statutes of limitation, and you’d like to find out which of your matters might need immediate attention. Rocket Matter’s powerful reports allow you to dive into the data and easily and intuitively navigate your firm’s performance. See how Rocket Matter can make your life easier today!