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Each year, we produce eBooks and white papers on topics that resonate with lawyers. In the past, we have covered everything from marketing and best billing practices to cybersecurity and wellness. Download all of the titles that interest you, and check back often as we’re always adding new content. Enjoy!

How to Master Your Law Firm’s Time and Billing

Unlock the key to avoiding malpractice claims and getting better at efficient billing & time management with Rocket Matter's comprehensive guide on 'Mastering your law firm's time and billing'. Download the guide now.
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Case Management Tip: How to Win Back Control and Never Lose It Again

As a lawyer, you probably laugh when you watch an episode of Law and Order. The DA’s office somehow only works on one case at a time. The magic of television leaves out one of the most frustrating parts of a lawyer’s job: juggling a caseload.
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How to Avoid Burnout as a Solo Practitioner

In the fourth quarter of 2021, morale in the legal workplace was grim. 52% of lawyers felt that they experienced burnout at their job, and it’s no surprise that nearly 46% of attorneys felt like their well-being declined.
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Rocket Matter's Ultimate Guide to Starting a Law Firm

Whether you’re considering this move or have already begun, there’s a lot to do when you start a law firm. You don’t want to miss any critical steps. After all, you’re not just going to be a lawyer anymore—you’re going to be a business owner, and there’s a lot of extra work involved in the day-to-day workflows.
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A Family Lawyer's Guide to Estate Planning

When clients reach out looking for support with divorce, child support, adoption, or other family law services, it’s important to be well-versed in how the decisions made during estate planning influence the course of family law proceedings.
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Family Law Guide to Practice Management Software

If you’re shopping for legal practice management software for your family law firm, double-check that it offers all of these crucial tools.
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What You Should Do Before Buying Legal Practice Management Software

Follow these steps to figure out what you need before buying any legal practice management software.
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Guide to Switching to the Cloud

The average person uses 36 cloud-based services a day, so it’s a no-brainer that many law firms are making the switch to cloud-based software providers.
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How to Simplify Your Non-Profit Legal Practice

Times are tough for non-profit legal firms. To care for your clients and keep your legal office running, you have to keep operating costs low. But with the inflation rate accelerating in the U.S., keeping your non-profit legal firm viable may well be a source of stress.
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The Small Firm’s Guide to Big Tech

While any change in how you operate your law office can feel overwhelming, there’s never been a better time to start migrating your office structures online. Big tech changed the game in how we run our everyday lives, so stay up to date with the latest available software solutions to keep clients happy.
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Practice Management Buyer's Guide: 2022 Edition

Legal Tech Publishing, a premiere provider of eBooks for legal professionals, recently released the 2022 Edition of the Practice Management Buyer’s Guide and Rocket Matter is included as a top legal tech company for legal professionals.
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Essential Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

Attorneys serve as deep reservoirs of knowledge and experience for their clients, but they’re often in short supply of another critical resource: time. Here are nine key ways busy attorneys can maximize their time and keep their legal matters moving forward.
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