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Each year, we produce eBooks and white papers on topics that resonate with lawyers. In the past, we have covered everything from marketing and best billing practices to cybersecurity and wellness. Download all of the titles that interest you, and check back often as we’re always adding new content. Enjoy!

Top 8 Ways Rocket Matter Can Increase Your Profits

For a long time, talking about the business side of practicing law was a violation of the unwritten establishment rules of decorum.This meant that great lawyers were not always great business leaders. As a result, the legal profession was slow to adopt the automation technology that has transformed operations and increased profitability across many other industries.
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Demystifying Legal Practice Automation

We’ll admit it: the concept of automation can get a little buzzword-y. It’s right up there with “low-hanging fruit,” “streamline,” and “let’s circle back later” in corporate tech jargon. But here’s the thing: even if the idea of automation is sometimes overused, it’s because there are real benefits for firms that use automation the right way.
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The Law Firm’s Guide to Optimizing Billing and Payments Processes

In an ideal world, lawyers would be able to spend most of their day on billable work. In reality, though, the average lawyer bills for less than three hours in an average workday. The rest of that time typically goes toward administrative tasks, business operations, and, of course, the occasional lunch break away from their desk. But lawyers shouldn’t have to cut out their lunch breaks to bill more time.
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12 Legal Payment Processing Features to Look For

Want to see a healthier cash flow and happier clients? Start accepting payments online! On your quest for the right payment processor, look for features that streamline and support the way law firms operate.
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Beginner's Guide to Legal Marketing

Every business needs a solid marketing plan. Unless potential customers know that a company exists, there’s no way they can make a purchase or sign on as a client. Without marketing, a business will never scale and can quickly dry up. Lawyers can sometimes forget that they’re not just running a law firm—they’re running a business.
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8 Marketing Tips Your Firm Should Adopt

Marketing, when done right, can be a lot of fun—yes, even for lawyers. It’s an opportunity to build trust and stronger relationships with your clients and do something creative during your workday. Choose your goals before you create any marketing materials so that you can hone in on the right tactics for success.
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6 Billing Strategies to Grow Your Law Firm

Scaling your law firm doesn’t just mean adding more lawyers or increasing your number of clients. The best way to boost your law firm’s finances is to minimize your non-billable hours and make sure that every hour of your day is accounted for.
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Demystifying the Billable Hour: How to Right-Size Your Rates

With prices rising so much over the last year (global inflation is forecasted at 8.8% in 2022), it’s the right time to look at your current rates and see if you’re charging enough to remain profitable.
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What Firms Need to Do to Ensure a Smooth End of Year

As the year draws to a close, it can be a rush to get the office wrapped up so everyone can break for the holidays. However, it can be easy to miss an important detail or task unless you keep a thorough checklist.
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3 Reasons to Implement An Integrated Payment Processor

If your overhead costs are ballooning due to inflation and rising payment processing fees, check out these three reasons to use an integrated payment processor with your legal practice management solution.
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8 Strategies to Nail Your Law Firm Marketing

There are 1.3 million lawyers in the United States and over 439,715 law firms. If you’re trying to grow your practice, this may seem like a lot of competition—but we’ve got a secret. Let’s look at eight great ways to do just that.
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What to Expect When Moving to Cloud-Based Software

Use this guide to anticipate potential negative reactions from your team and consider risks from external sources. We’ll also outline the benefits of cloud-based software so you can encourage your team by pointing out the benefits of making the move.
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