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Grow Your Firm with Rocket Matter Intake

Get rid of paper forms and instead hand your clients an iPad for intake. Track your online marketing as well with our powerful intake features.


Grow Your Firm

Rocket Matter Intake automates the process of gathering new client information. It’s easy to set up and lives on your current website.

Automate Your Workflow

All of the information gathered through Rocket Matter Intake is funneled directly into your Rocket Matter account. From there, with a few clicks you can create engagement letters, wills, motions, or any of your commonly-used legal documents.

Stay on Top of Submissions

Rocket Matter Intake integrates with Rocket Matter’s task functionality. When a visitor to your website fills out a form, you can specify who in your firm needs to follow up and when.

Integrate with Document Templates

We can help you integrate your client intake forms with your document templates, making your workflow as smooth as possible.

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