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IMS Case Study: Shavitz Law Group

Shavitz Law Uses Rocket Matter IMS to Boost Online Marketing Efforts and Create a Cohesive Presence Across the Web

We were doing a lot with internet marketing but it felt like were were treading water. We wanted a strong, solid direction across all of our efforts online and water to see the needle move. Rocket Matter IMS is finally getting us to where we want to be.” – Gregg Shavitz, Partner, Shavitz Law Group


The Shavitz Law Group, P.A. is an AV Rated boutique law firm concentrating exclusively on employee rights, with a particular emphasis in wage and hour litigation. They are based in Florida but have a national presence.


The firm approached us to take their website in a new direction and unify their online efforts. They sought to underscore their national presence and increase quality leads.

  • Consolidate all Internet Marketing efforts with cohesive direction, strategy, and goals.
  • Generate results and measure that success with tangible reporting and analytics.



Shavitz already had a logo and a website, but one of the first things we did was give their logo a facelift.We kept the core elements of their existing website intact but added a level of sophistication with a more three dimensional look and improved typography. The firm loved the design improvements and incorporated the new logo into their other marketing materials.


The firm already had some great content and obviously devoted a lot of time and energy to their current website. The site needed modernization, including “look and feel” improvements, but the changes needed to be crafted in way so as to preserve the integrity of the existing content. They told us the colors they liked and the level of professionalism they wanted to project, which we then compared to our data on color psychology and user preferences. The result was a classy, elegant, and cutting-edge site.

As we do with all of our sites, we designed the Shavitz presence for maximum lead conversion. Phone numbers, calls to action, and social media buttons were all strategically placed in optimal locations for web surfers. We built web forms to facilitate lead collection and qualification, to build newsletter subscribers, and to facilitate lead nurturing campaigns.

During our initial meetings we developed a keyword strategy around their practice area, determining which search terms ought be emphasized on the site to maximize the traffic that Google, Yahoo and other search engines could bring. Instead of promising top Google placement to the firm, as many people in the SEO industry do, we realized that meaningful search engine placement on their keywords would be a long uphill battle, and could take months if not years to make a dent in the rankings.

As a result, we charted a diversified traffic approach consisting of advertising, increased newsletter publishing, and content creation.  But for the long term, we continued to construct an overall search engine optimization (“SEO”) strategy around their desired terms, ensuring that the site contains each important term that prospective clients might be searching.

Just as important as the colors and visual elements on a website are the words themselves. We helped the Shavitz firm build their site with the messaging they want to project; that is, Shavitz is a national employee rights law firm. We eliminated unpopular, unread copy, and replaced it with focused, important information that site visitors would find most helpful.

We’re now in a world where mobile web surfing is a ubiquitous. The firm’s old site did not look good on a smartphone. The new, improved site is responsive, fast and looks great on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.



One of our early goals for the Shavitz Law Group was to help them publish a regular e-newsletter. They had some experience with a newsletter but needed some assistance publishing one on a regular basis. We designed a targeted newsletter for them, worked with them to determine how they should structure their newsletter, what content to include, and best practices for sending to maximize open rates and click-throughs – including recommending specific dates and times for delivery.

Social Media

Very few topics are as discussed in attorney marketing as social media. We helped the Firm determine which platforms to pay attention to, and how to use them in a time-efficient manner. We outfitted their Twitter and Facebook profile with original, custom artwork to create a consistent brand image across all of their Internet presences. We reserved profiles for them on social media sites to help protect their reputation, and showed them tools to use to optimize their engagement.


Blogging is a fundamental part of our platform. After we established a keyword strategy, we helped them brainstorm blog topics and created a professional editorial calendar for them to adhere to deadlines. They learned the proper “anatomy” of a blog post and our prescribed best practices for law firms.

The Career Change E-Book


E-Books have the potential to generate massive amounts of leads, and the Firm’s prolific blog content proved to be a fantastic source from which to compile a terrific E-Book. We created “The Career Change” E-book by taking the Firm’s writing and wrapping it in a beautifully designed digital book. Those interested in this book may be good candidates for learning more about Shavitz Law Group and their services benefitting employees.

Measurement, Goals, & Results

Each time we meet with Firm, we go over all relevant metrics, determining what is working well, what needs improvement, and what may need further discussion. Each Rocket Matter IMS website is outfitted with Google Analytics and that, coupled with our own knowledge and experience, helps us examine overall traffic trends and top performing content. We use this data to determine how to keep improving the site for maximum performance and to achieve our goals. Already, the Firm is on pace to both double traffic to its site and significantly increase its website leads – all in less than a year.

We’ve already created their highest traffic days ever and are excited to see us realize our goals for them in 2014.