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Law Practice Management Software with BigLaw Reporting

With Rocket Matter, you will understand your business like the CEO of an Am Law 100 law firm. Rocket Matter’s law practice management software helps you manage your finances quickly and analyze your data easily with our Advanced Analytics.

You can export each of the reports to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to organize your data to suit your particular needs. Such reports include:

Origination Report

See which team members bring in clients and cases. This helps you manage compensation based on who is responsible for new business, and also breaks down payments to costs and fees, so you can understand your overhead.

Allocation Report

Keep track of the amount of money each attorney in your firm brings in. This makes it easy come payroll time if you’re paying those employees a percentage of the revenue.
rocket matter payments alternative fee arrangements

Matter Budget

Set a budget for each matter and then monitor whether or not you’re staying within that limit. By keeping track of the economics of your cases, you can instantly spot any firm financial issues.

Productivity per User

Discover not only which of your timekeepers are tracking the most time, but also how much billable versus non-billable time they’re tracking. This gives you insight into how your key money-makers are spending their days, and it helps you address performance issues with those employees who aren’t allocating their time wisely.
project management

Productivity per Matter

Understand which of your matters is taking up most of your time so you can evaluate whether or not you’re working efficiently.

Collections Report

Make sure your timekeepers are invoicing correctly for their billable time. This report helps you spot gaps and identify your collection issues early so they don’t get out of hand.

Understand Your Firm Like Never Before with Customized
Law Firm Reports

Business Intelligence Module

Customize your own queries across matters, activities, contacts, and billable information. With intuitive drag-and-drop interface, those users requiring deep insights can add sums, averages, and other calculations to reports and arrange such data into custom groups.

Custom-Built Reports from Our Experts

Want us to do the dirty work? No problem! The Rocket Matter team can custom-build your reports for you. Ask us for more information!

Interested in having us build reports for your firm? Please call us at 866-710-1845.

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