Law Practice Management Software with BigLaw reporting.

Rocket Matter makes financial management fast and efficient with Advanced Analytics. A series of user-friendly reports offer you a powerful glimpse into your firm’s financial performance in just a few clicks.


The ReportsLaw Practice Management Software Reports

Origination Report

Understand which one of your team members is bringing in the most business. Manage compensation based on who’s responsible for bringing in new business.

Allocation Report

Keep track of the amout of client payments your attorneys bring in. This makes it easy to calculate payouts, and supports payroll structures that pay attorneys a percentage of revenues.

Matter Budgets

Set a budget for a matter and track against your projections. Keep track of the economics of all your cases and spot issues instantly.

Rocket Matter Law Practice Management Software is exportable to Excel

Productivity per User

Discover which of your timekeepers is tracking the most time.  Discover how much billable versus non-billable time they’re tracking, giving you insight to how your key money-makers are spending their days.

Productivity per Matter

Understand which of your matters is taking up most of your time. Maintain awareness of the efforts you’re putting into all of your firm’s cases.

Collections Report

Discover which of your timekeepers is collecting properly for their invoiced billable activities time. Spot gaps and identify your collections issues early and accurately.

Easily Export to Microsoft Excel

Each of the Advanced Analytics reports can be quickly and easily exported to Microsoft Excel as a .CSV file, allowing you to organize your data to suit your particular needs. Our law practice management software makes it easy to analyze your data.