Legal Software E-Mail Integration via Rocket Matter

Awesome E-Mail Integration for Your Legal Software

Finally. Effortless e-mail integration with legal software that allows you to quickly associate correspondence with matters and track billable time.

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Automatically Associate E-Mails with Matters

Here’s how Rocket Matter e-mail integration works: you associate an e-mail folder with a matter. So when you navigate to that matter in our case management software, you’ll see a list of every relevant e-mail. Instantly. And, you’ll be able to search through them and download attachments.

Associate E-Mails with Legal Cases Automatically with Rocket Matter's Law Practice Management Software

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Bill for E-Mails in our Law Practice Management Software

Capture E-Mail Billable Time With Your Legal Software

Lawyers spend a lot of time on e-mail. That may be the understatement of the year. But billing for this time-consuming task can often go forgotten. So we kept that in mind when we created Rocket Matter e-mail integration to allow you to easily bill as you work.

When an e-mail is synced to a specific matter, you’re just a couple of clicks away from saving critical billing information. You’ll collect more time than ever before.

Easily Find Emails Inside Your Law Practice Management Software

We know how your client e-mails seem to accumulate faster than you can read them. Making things easy is our specialty, so we made it effortless to find the e-mail you’re looking for.

Search is a big piece of legal e-mail management with Rocket MatterThe same searching convenience you’re used to in your e-mail client is in Rocket Matter as well. By entering a single word, the search engine will populate every e-mail that contains that word in the “from,” “subject,” or “body” fields.

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Rocket Matter's Legal Software E-Mail Integration is via IMAP

Based on the Universal IMAP Protocol

We built our e-mail Integration with the universally common IMAP protocol. You most likely read your e-mail now over IMAP. Rather than having to forward the e-mails you want into Rocket Matter one by one, your e-mail folders that are associated to each matter will automatically populate in Rocket Matter.

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