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Use Rocket Matter Anywhere, Anytime with Our Newly Redesigned iPhone and Android Legal Software

Rocket Matter’s iPhone and Android-compatible legal software supports how modern attorneys use their mobile devices.

View Case Information at All Times

Rocket Matter lets you look up case information on your mobile device. You can access billing information, client contact details, case histories, and other pertinent data you might need.

Track Time on the Go

With Rocket Matter’s mobile apps, you can quickly run a timer no matter where you are. You can also quickly add a time entry or an expense on your way to a hearing or deposition.

Keep Track of Your Busy Day

Stay on top of your schedule with push notifications for tasks, calendar events and more. You'll never miss an appointment, even if you're not by your computer.

Upload and View Documents

Our document previews allow you to quickly browse the information in your case from within the app. Also, you can snap a picture and upload it into a matter at any time.

Communicate with Your Firm

Instead of texting your colleagues when you’re out of the office, use Rocket Matter’s Communicator to chat with them securely. Doing so also helps preserve the history of your correspondence in your matter stream.

Enjoy a Secure Mobile Experience

Our apps are secured with fingerprint identification, facial recognition, and PIN authentication on both iOS and Android, giving you peace of mind that your data is always protected.

Download the Rocket Matter Mobile App

Available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.