Use Rocket Matter Anywhere, Anytime with Our Newly Redesigned iPhone and Android Legal Software

Rocket Matter android mobile app
Rocket Matter’s new iPhone and Android-compatible legal software is redesigned from the ground up to support how modern attorneys use their mobile devices. Screens are bigger these days, and lawyers want to do more work on the go than ever before. Whether you want to run a timer, use Communicator to chat with colleagues, look up critical matter information, or see a preview of a document, Rocket Matter’s mobile apps support your lawyering when you’re not at the office.

View matter information whenever you want…from wherever.

Ever get that sinking feeling that you need to look something up on a case, but you’re not near a work computer? Rocket Matter solves this problem by letting you look up case information on your mobile device. You can access billing information, client contact details, case histories, and other pertinent data you might need.

Quickly track time on the go.

One of the simplest ways to boost revenue for your law firm is by accurately capturing time—even when you’re away from the office. With Rocket Matter’s mobile apps, you can quickly run a timer no matter where you are. You can also quickly fire off a time entry or an expense as you walk to a hearing or deposition.

Upload and view documents on your device.

Want to see a pleading? Need to take a picture of a receipt and track an expense? Rocket Matter’s mobile document functionality allows you to do this and more. Our document previews will help you quickly take a look at the information in your case. Also, you can snap a picture and upload it into a matter at any time.

Rocket Matter mobile appMessage your firm with mobile Communicator.

Instead of texting your colleagues, use Rocket Matter’s Communicator to chat with them securely and preserve the history of your correspondence in your matter stream. Communicator works the same in the desktop version of Rocket Matter as it does in the mobile one, offering a continuous chat experience and eliminating the need for separate chat programs.

Rest easy with a secure mobile experience.

Rocket Matter’s mobile applications are designed for the legal professional who’s afraid to lose their phone and, along with it, their confidential information. Our apps are secured with fingerprint identification as well as PIN authentication on both iOS and Android. Also, if you ever need to restrict access, you can quickly lock anyone out out of your Rocket Matter apps by changing your password.