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Rocket Matter’s Core Company Values

At Rocket Matter, we have a simple mission: to make the lives of busy, mobile attorneys a whole lot easier. Our core values not only define us, they also empower us to do just that.

rocket matter core values

Embrace Continuous Improvement

Perfection is the enemy of the very good, especially since we believe the very good can always be improved. It’s better to get something done well than to have nothing done perfectly. Continuous improvement forces us to execute, measure, and refine what we do, no matter what department we work in.

Row in One Direction

Our team members check their ego at the door. This is no place for seeking praise, placing blame, or being a prima donna. We challenge each other with healthy debate and competition, but ultimately when we make a decision, our team stands collectively behind it.

Come Up with Options and Recommended Solutions, Not Problems

We do not like to put monkeys on others’ desks. Rather than pass the buck when we experience a problem, we come up with potential solutions and think through the best possible outcome before approaching other colleagues and management.

Foster a Positive and Caring Work Environment

We care about each other on staff and enjoy each other’s company. At Rocket Matter, we care about the lives of attorneys in small law firms. We believe their work makes a critical difference in their clients’ lives and protects our constitution. Furthermore, we believe our law firm partners are under tremendous pressure and are not equipped by law schools to know how to run a business.

Be Accountable

We believe that if you’re going to work hard, you gotta love what you do and the people you work with. What we do matters to people and society. We derive serious value from our efforts. Knowing what a difference Rocket Matter makes to our partner’s lives makes it easy to be driven and dedicated to the work we do here.