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3 New Law Firm Videos on Cybersecurity, Freelance Attorneys and Kanban Boards

Rocket Academy provides online educational videos for lawyers, taught by industry leaders who discuss law practice management, marketing, productivity, and technology tools, tips, and strategies, to help law firms become more efficient, adapt, and grow. Here are three new videos that were added to the collection. Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data Learn […]

freelance attorney

How to Market Yourself and Find Work as a Freelance Attorney

Many experienced attorneys are looking for alternative ways to practice law. It could be for a myriad reasons. For example, the attorney may have just had a baby and wants to work remotely part-time, or is a retired partner but still wants to practice in a flexible manner, or may have outside hobbies and interests […]

Is your successful practice wearing you down? Freelance attorneys can help you get your life back

While the many unemployed lawyers out there today have suffered the brunt of the recession and jobless recovery, even if you have a healthy practice, chances are your business psyche hasn’t remained unscathed. You may have gone into squirrel mode, socking away resources during the good times for the bad times that might be just […]