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How to Optimize your Billing & Collections to Make Your Practice More Profitable (Webinar)

Are you looking for ways to tighten up your billing and collections process? On average, small law firms collect only 71% of what they bill, so a frictionless, effortless automated billing system can dramatically drive up cash collections for a law firm. As a lawyer, you worry about losing clients, losing money, and bar sanctions. In […]

The Pomodoro Technique – Supercharge Your Efficiency + Legal Productivity (Part 1)

Let’s face it: lawyers have to wear a lot of hats. Before you know it, your day can be over and you feel like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished. Like the Getting Things Done personal organizational system, The Pomodoro Technique is popular in technology circles but I haven’t seen a wide discussion of it in Legal. […]

Resources from Today’s Law Firm Marketing Webinar with Mark Merenda

For those who participated, we hoped you enjoyed our webinar. Mark Merenda was an incredible presenter. We learned a lot and had a good time doing so! We hope to see you on February 25th, 2010 for Barabara Nelson, legal productivity guru. Mark Merenda Contact Information mark (at) smartmarketingnow (dot) com www.smartmarketingnow.com www.twitter.com/markmerenda www.lawfirmhelp.com Larry […]

How to use Google Scholar for Legal Case Research with Rocket Matter

When we built Rocket Matter, we kept web-based legal research in mind.  We wanted to make it easy and intuitive to associate research with your matters. Now that Google has rolled incorporated legal opinion and journals into their Scholar search, building and organizing your cases has never been easier.  Here’s how you can use Google […]

Subscribing to your Rocket Matter Calendar with iCal

Using a Mac? The wonderful calendaring application iCal allows you to subscribe to your Rocket Matter calendar, providing you with offline access. 1) In iCal, from the Calendar menu, pick “Subscribe”. 2) A popup window will appear. In the “Calendar URL:” field, paste the address of your Rocket Matter calendar. A Product Specialist can provide […]

Subscribing to your Rocket Matter Calendar using Sunbird

Did you know you can subscribe to your Rocket Matter calendar using a desktop-based calendaring application such as Outlook 2007, iCal, or Sunbird? Sunbird is Mozilla’s FREE Calendaring application, and can be downloaded here. What’s cool about Sunbird is that it’s cross platform, and can be downloaded for Mac, PC, or Linux. Here’s how you […]

Migrating your data to Rocket Matter

So perhaps you’ve been thinking about making the plunge to online legal practice management and want to give Rocket Matter a spin. But you’re wondering – what about my existing data? How do I bring it over to Rocket Matter? This was a discussion that recently popped up on the Macs in Law Offices discussion […]

Jay Fleischman on Managing Email

Jay Fleischman of Bankruptcy Practice Pro has a great post worthy of Life Hacker about managing email. Very appropriate, considering now that the world is awash in blogs, Twitter tweets, Facebook notifications, and email, electronic communications quickly spiral out of control. Here’s the short version (though it’s worth reading in its entirety): 1. Stop Checking […]

Introducting CRE – Continuing Rocket Education

Starting next week, Rocket Matter users will enjoy free training called CRE, or Continuous Rocket Education. Our first subject will cover Rocket Matter’s billing functionality, including batch billing, invoice printing, ledger usage, and data export for use with Quickbooks, Peachtree, or other accounting software. Training is a fundamental part of a firm’s adoption of legal […]