Legal Productivity App of the Week – Square – Accept Credit Cards for your Law Firm

Today we start a new series, our Legal Productivity App of the week for all your mobile lovers out there! Want to start accepting credit cards for your clients but don’t know how to get started? Try Square. It’s insanely hot, and inspired this whole new series! Square includes a free card-reader that plugs into […]

7 Ways Your Law Firm Can Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Last month the Centers for Disease Control issued a tongue-in-cheek blog post: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. The idea is to talk about emergency preparedness, using the rise of the undead as an example crisis. As hurricane season officially kicks into high gear in the United States, and with devastating floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes plaguing much […]

Funny Videos For Lawyers on a Friday

It’s Friday and the productivity theme of our blog notwithstanding (he writes, lawyerly), it’s the official day dedicated to non-productive use of the interwebs. When I was in law school we didn’t have laptops, let alone YouTube.   However, the absence of YouTube most assuredly gave me the advantage of simply not being able to record […]

What To Do When You Shatter Your New iPhone

Over the weekend a colleague finally caved in to iPhone mania and replaced his Blackberry with a 3G model for the lovely little sum of $49.00. Within a few hours, he dropped it to the ground, shattering the screen. My colleague, who shall remain anonymous, returned to the AT&T store who sold him the device. […]