A Post Mortem, Even If You Win

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to learn from mistakes, and here are some things I’ve discovered. Lessons from failure make a deep imprint. Losing takes a psychological toll and causes us to seek not to repeat it. So the loss review is a natural outgrowth of this feeling – let’s look […]

Digital Nation: A Documentary Exploring Our Over-Connected Society

“Responsibly Connected” is a seminar I present which deals with how to use technology responsibly. The odd thing is, whenever I present on this topic, people come up to me afterwards and pour their hearts out about how Internet-connectedness has gotten to the point of interfering with the family. I feel like a therapist, not […]

The Enormous Psychological Importance of Gratitude

On Thanksgiving, when you find yourself stuffing your face full of massive quantities of turkey, stuffing, and whatever other coma-inducing fare your family whips up for the holiday, consider this: you’re doing your mental state a big favor. As long as you appreciate your food, that is. The simple and natural act of expressing gratitude, […]