Legal Productivity App of the Week – Square – Accept Credit Cards for your Law Firm

Today we start a new series, our Legal Productivity App of the week for all your mobile lovers out there! Want to start accepting credit cards for your clients but don’t know how to get started? Try Square. It’s insanely hot, and inspired this whole new series! Square includes a free card-reader that plugs into […]

Office Space Primer For Lawyers, Part III: Sharing

If leasing space on your own isn’t quite optimal or financially desirable, sharing space with another lawyer can be another option to consider. Sharing space has the obvious upside of reducing cost, sometimes enabling you to be in a location that you couldn’t otherwise (comfortably) afford on your own.   However, sharing space with another lawyer […]

Legal Practice Management Advice From The Dusty Corners Of My Closet

Mixed among my old copies of FPS: Football and Diablo, I came across a few notes on advice I was given during my time as a young lawyer. Stuff I used to jot down, specifically with the intention of someday looking back upon it. Now, with more than a few years of work under my belt, it was fun to see how some of these gems held up (or not) over time. Here’s a few to start – 2 not-so-good, 2 really good.

Legal Project Management: Fad or Trend?

This week The New York Law Journal featured a great piece, “A Practical Approach to Legal Project Management”, making a compelling argument that LPM is more than a fad, it’s a trend. We completely agree with the authors that downward price pressures on legal services and alternative fees are driving the need for law firms to become more efficient.