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    5 Great Everyday Uses For Evernote


      How great is Evernote? It’s the one application I have open all day, every day on my computer. Well, maybe the Chrome browser also. Mail, calendar, Skype, word processing, Twitter, all other applications are shut down at some point during the day.

      Not Evernote. I rev it up in the morning when I power up my computer and it’s the last thing I shut down when I power down at night.

      Why? Because it can handle just about everything. The reason why so many great applications fail is because they’re one of 25 that we try to use every day. But since I know I’ll be using Evernote every day, I can configure it to perform whatever functions the myriad other apps provide. Here are a few:

      1. Blog post ideas – If you blog consistently, or write for a publication or are authoring the great american novel, Evernote makes your job much easier. Create a “blog post ideas” notebook and as ideas occur, create a note. When you come across related images, links or references, add them to the note. I have over 150 notes in this folder. It’s probably time to weed. But I’m never at a loss for topics to write.

      2. Meeting notes – Before a Skype, GoToMeeting or in-person meeting, I open a note in my Evernote “Meetings” Notebook on my laptop or smartphone. No more unrecognizable scrawl or lost slip of paper. Notes can then be sorted by the date created, date updated, or title. Or searched by keyword.

      3. To Do Lists – So many great to-do lists applications out there, but who has the time to access yet another app? Since I’m already in Evernote, I’ve created a “to-do” folder which has a “daily” note, “bucket list” note, “to read” note, and so on. Evernote has a great checklist option so you can add checkboxes to your to-do lists and check them off as you go along.

      4. Project management – Creating “project” folders in your email client or dumping them into a big “archive” folder is a losing proposition. Instead, create a “projects” folder in Evernote and forward related emails directly into the folder with the unique email that Evernote provides. Find a few related websites? Use Evernote’s webclipper or import browser bookmarks into the project notebook. You can even send tweets directly into your Twitter account.

      5. Expense reports – Going on a business trip? Use Evernote to capture your receipts as you get them by snapping a picture with the built-in camera. Add notes and email the completed report right from Evernote to your accounting department. I now do this on my way back from luncheons, meetings and business trips. Never miss another business reimbursement again. If you own your business, it’s great for when tax time rolls around.

      These are just a few of the ways you can use Evernote on a daily basis to ramp up your productivity and streamline processes. Any others?

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