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    8 Reasons to Build Your Website with Rocket Matter

    How CRM takes your Project Management to the Next Level

      Forty years ago, law firms could buy an ad in the Yellow Pages (remember those giant tomes?) and the calls would come rolling in. Since then, the company has gone bankrupt and ceased to print, and the Yellow Pages has gone from a monopoly-like directory to just another website. 

      These days, the number one way for prospective clients to find your law firm is through an online search (and probably on a mobile device). Your firm’s website gives visitors their first impression, but it’s also so much more. A website is a critical resource for marketing and outreach, supporting social media, email, and SEO strategy alike.  

      If your website is dated, confusing, or clunky, you’re much less likely to attract your ideal clients—and you’re even less likely to keep them.  

      But law firms are also incredibly busy, and it takes time and experience to develop a great website. That’s where Rocket Matter comes in: our integrated legal practice management software is now complemented by a new turnkey website builder that takes your online home to new heights for increased growth and client engagement. 

      How Rocket Matter Websites position your law firm for success 

      Your website needs to make a powerful and positive first impression—but you don’t have to spend months developing your law firm’s website on your own time. Rocket Matter Websites handle the job of building the foundation of a great online presence for your law firm, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional client experience.  

      Here are eight ways that Rocket Matter Websites empower your law firm for future success.  

      1. A sleek, modern interface designed with your clients in mind 

      Rocket Matter Websites combines intuitive navigation with a mobile-friendly interface to create a seamless experience for website visitors, no matter where they are or what device they use. High-quality, licensed stock photos take the guesswork out of photo use rights and provide a professional and polished appearance for your practice.  

      2. Tailored to a law firm’s unique needs 

      Law firms have their own set of industry-specific needs for their website, including client intake, compliance regulations, and more. Most out-of-the-box websites require substantial customization to achieve the look and functions that you need for your law firm’s online presence.  

      Enter Rocket Matter!  

      Our expertise in designing and building websites exclusively for lawyers and law firms will launch your online presence to new heights. We’re well versed in what works for law firms, and our websites include essential tools like contact forms, payment links that connect to your payment processor, and the option for client intake forms and automated marketing when paired with Rocket Matter CRM 

      (Plus, with our extensive industry experience, we know which content and marketing strategies will help your marketing metrics soar.) 


      Streamline Cash Flows and Get Paid Faster with Rocket Matter Pay

      Law firms have plenty of good reasons to offer online credit card processing:

      • Faster, more reliable payments
      • Less administrative time spent processing checks and reconciling books
      • Offering clients the payment options they actually prefer
      • But why have so many firms chosen not to take advantage of all the benefits of credit card processing?

      3. Fast turn-around 

      No one wants to wait months for a website, or for the time to build a website and fiddle through endless design choices to find one that everyone likes. Sadly, that’s the reality for bespoke websites—to deliver exceptional results, they require a whole team of professionals to build your design, copy, and functions. 

      What’s more, even once you have a draft in hand, you’ve still got to go through a lengthy review process. 

      With Rocket Matter Websites, you drastically reduce your timeline. The Rocket Matter Websites team delivers complete website drafts within three weeks!  

      Additionally, law firms that use Rocket Matter Websites have access to unlimited revisions so that your firm can achieve a website that surpasses expectations. 

      4. Optimized for local SEO 

      Search engine optimization (SEO) can feel like a moving target. It can be a daunting task to launch your website to the top of the search results when SEO involves a multitude of different factors. That said, SEO is critical to your firm’s visibility for your ideal clients. 

      Our team uses data-driven best practices to optimize your site locally and maximize your firm’s visibility. Why let your website get lost in cyberspace when it could put you on the map? We take the guesswork out of SEO, so you can focus on your clients. 

      Our websites provide you with SEO best practices for essentials like:  

      • Keyword optimized content 
      • Meta descriptions 
      • Mobile-friendly designs 
      • Optimized graphics 
      • And more 

      5. Quarterly content updates 

      Getting useful content on your website is great, and necessary, but it’s also time-consuming and tricky if you’re not accustomed to digital content creation. Law firm websites perform much better in search engines when their websites show an active presence, and great content also positions your firm as a thought leader in your field.  

      We know that updated content is critical to your website’s success, which is why we build it into your website plan. Our expert team will create ten full pages to showcase your practice, PLUS 15 pre-written blog posts for each of your practice areas (up to three of them) to highlight your expertise on the legal topics that prospective clients are searching for.  

      To keep this content relevant, you'll receive quarterly updates to ensure that your site remains fresh, accurate, and interesting to search engines. 

      6. 24/7 security, accessibility, and regular system updates 

      Security and client confidentiality are essential, especially when you have a multifunctional website where your clients share their personal information and financial information. Rocket Matter’s Websites provide top-notch security features, including bank-grade SSL protection, four layers of spam protection, and a robust firewall to safeguard against cyberattacks.  

      To stay compliant with industry standards, our hosting services use tools like an ADA widget and SSAE SOC 2-compliant servers to ensure your website is accessible, safe, and reliable.  

      7. No restrictive contracts 

      Law firms care about contracts, and so do we. You spend enough time negotiating contracts for your clients, which is why we make sure our contracts have no unexpected fine print, no crazy restrictions, and no costly surprises. That’s our promise to you.  

      8. Competitive pricing 

      There are a lot of website builders out there that promise a lot of things. And they might just accomplish them, if you pay for all the extra bells and whistles and add-ons. Plus, law firms most likely need additional customization for their unique requirements and to achieve the professional-quality website their clients expect. It can add up quickly. 

      With Rocket Matter Websites, we understand your end goals and offer law firms competitive pricing that includes the features you need to take your website to new heights. 

      Get started today 

      Take the first step towards a professional, polished, and powerful website that puts your law firm on the map. See what a great website can do for your law firm when you schedule a demo with Rocket Matter Websites today.  

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