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    App of the Week: Blogsy – Blogging on the iPad


      Are you a regular blogger and love the WordPress platform like we do? Or maybe you use Blogger, TypePad, Joomla, or Tumblr. Thing is, regardless of the platform, you want to blog on the device that’s handy; the one that you have just about everywhere you go – your iPad. Many of the blogging platforms have a mobile app but most simply duplicate the desktop experience. Blogsy aims to make writing blog posts easy by taking advantage of the iPad’s unique touch and functionality.
      After you download the app, go to settings and connect Blogsy to your current blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc) in a couple of quick steps. Do the same for the service where you store your images and videos (Picassa, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, etc), and you’re good to go.
      You can now add photos and videos to your blog posts by dragging them from the media sidebar into your posts. Or, you can upload images from the photo library on your iPad.
      Quickly style text, edit photos, create categories and tags, manage comment, and more, right on your iPad. Need help? Check out the useful how-to videos on the apps website
      If you write for or manage one or more blogs, and you’re always on the go, give Blogsy on the iPad a try.
      Available: iPad
      Cost: $4.99

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