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    App of the Week: EasilyDo – A Personal Assistant on Your iPhone


      Amid our hectic lives, keeping track of tasks, friends, events and other obligations can be a chore. A personal assistant sure could help. And that’s what iPhone app, EasilyDo, promises. The elegant, easy-to-use app says that it will help users to never miss another important moment like birthdays, events, and social updates from friends. It’ll even send your well wishes, e-gifts, RSVPs, congratulations and words of support.
      EasilyDo alerts you about events, bills that are due, gives directions, manages your contacts, and more.

      EasilyDo gets the tasks and things you care about in one simple and beautiful feed, and lets you take action on the spot with the tap of a button — with no lists, no digging, no app-juggling.

      After installing the app on your iPhone, you’ll be prompted to import birthdays and other events from Facebook along with the contacts on your phone, Google, GPS locations, and so on. These are all permission based so you can choose to not allow it, but the purpose of this app is to manage those contacts and events, so go ahead and allow it.
      Additional highlights:
      Easily Navigate Your Day – Get ‘time to leave’ alerts and directions to your home, work, or next appointment; auto-dial into calls; text to say you’re on the way or running late — what you need when you need it.
      Stay Organized with Zero Effort – Merge duplicates in your address book, add contacts from recent emails, and file receipts into an email folder automatically.
      Available: iPhone
      Cost: Free
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