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    App of the Week: LunchMeet Tells Your Professional Network When You’re available for Lunch


      Heading out for lunch but no one’s available at the office? At a conference and want to network over lunch? Get LunchMeet mobile app and never dine alone.

      Inspired by the best-selling book “Never Eat Alone” and built using the LinkedIn API, LunchMeet allows for meaningful, face-to-face networking wherever you are, whenever you are available.

      Here’s how it works:

      • Sign-in with your LinkedIn account
      • Let the app know when you will be available to meet and where
      • Search for other professionals in your area who are also available within the same timeslot
      • Invite them to a lunchmeet!

      When you sign into the app with your LinkedIn account, you can set up one-time or recurring slots for when you’ll be available to meet up.

      You have the option to announce your availability on your LinkedIn status, choose meeting venues from the in-app map, and automatically port meeting details to your calendar.

      Can’t find a match? LunchMeet provides you with the opportunity to invite your LinkedIn contacts directly.

      So next time you’re free for a bite or want to network at a conference over lunch, use LunchMeet to let your LinkedIn contacts know that you’re available.

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