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    App of the Week: Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search


      The Summer vacation season is upon us and many are busy planning their getaways. GateGuru and TripIt are great apps for organizing your trips but first you have to book them. With Hipmunk, you can book your flight and hotel right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

      Hipmunk uses a proprietary search algorithm to locate the best hotels in your current location or the city of your destination. The top-10 hotel results are shown on a map so that you can see exactly where you’ll be staying.

      You can also turn on heatmaps that will show you the best areas to stay based on unique interests like food, landmarks, nightlife and more.

      The interface is gorgeous with the hotel feature being a particular seamless experience. First, enter the city of your destination. The app aids you in this with a smart search enabled pull down menu.

      Next, click on “search for hotels”. A map of the city will appear with ten dots representing your choice of hotels. Zoom in on a neighborhood or zoom out to get more choices. Click on one of the dots and you get a pop-up with the hotel name and rate. Click on the pop-up for amenities, reviews and additional information. From that screen you can get directions, call the hotel or book the room.

      Though Himpumk is known for its flight search, the hotel search shines. But flight search is no slouch. The smooth, intuitive interface allows for quick city and date departure and arrival entry and returns a slew of choices in reverse chronological order by price. Select your flights and purchase from within the app or email the booking information for further consideration.

      Hipmunk has combined a beautiful interface with a seamless user experience to make travelling fun and easy.

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