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    App of the Week: Make Chrome Your Default Mobile Browser


      The snappy Chrome has become the browser of choice for hordes of laptop and desktop users. But for owners of iPhones and iPads, the default browser is Safari. You might want to change that and sync your bookmarks, extensions, apps, tabs, and other browser preferences.
      Pages load fast and navigation is snappy in the trademark minimalist Chrome interface. Tabs are stacked vertically for quick access, with a running count of open tabs on top (that would be a nice feature on the desktop version). Safari limits the number of open tabs while Chrome allows unlimited tabs – not that you’d want to test it.
      Quickly go incognito to browse in stealth mode. Safari also has a private browsing option, but first you must exit the browser, access the general settings, choose Safari browser, and switch the “private browsing” option on. Repeat steps when you’re done to turn off private browsing mode. That’s a lot of work for a couple of searches.
      Another useful feature is the ability to perform a voice search. Just click on the “microphone” icon in Chrome’s omnibox and audible your search. Very cool.
      But, the standout feature is the afore mentioned syncing for a seamless and productive computer to mobile browsing experience. Safari offers syncing through the dreaded iCloud. Enough said.
      If you’re an Android user, it’s easy to set Chrome as the default browser in the settings, but, jailbreaking aside, iPhone and Ipad users aren’t as lucky. Instead, find a spot in the precious home screen real estate for the app. Unfortunately, links from email and other applications will open in Safari but fire up Chrome for browsing and research.
      Cost: Free
      Available: iPnone, iPad, Android

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