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    App of the Week: Kikin ‘Search Without Typing’ Browser for the iPad


      Kikin Browser is a full-featured ‘touch’ web browser for the iPad. Instead of entering text or copying and pasting a word or phrase into the search bar, simply touch the words and a box with a list of search results will appear.

      The results are gathered from multiple search engines including Google, Wolfgram Alpha, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Search results can be shared with your social network including your friends, followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter, or via email.

      When you encounter an address, long press on it and the Kikin browser will display a map of the location.

      Our purpose is to increase the learning opportunities that a particular human being has by making every word on every page a learning trigger on the highest, contextual level,” says Carlos Bhola, the Founder and CEO of Kikin

      This browser app goes beyond aesthetic features. Kikin’s patented “smart selection” which takes into account, the user’s behavior and words on the page, delivers better results without leaving the app. You also have the option to type in a search in the URL bar.

      An iPhone version is due soon. Meanwhile, check out the free Kikin browser for the iPad, an innovative and fun way to search.

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