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    App of the Week: Next – A Fast, Elegant Expense Tracker For the Budget-Conscious


      Budget-conscious expense trackers can find a host of finance apps in the App Store. Apps range from lightweight to robust, easy-to-use to complicated.
      Next app for the iPhone is a standout. It’s quick and easy to use with a beautiful, intuitive interface that helps you keep track of where your money goes.

      How much did you spend at the local coffee shop? Are you spending too much eating out? How much did you spend on entertainment?

      Select a category, represented by icons, enter and confirm the amount you spent, and you’re done. Fast and easy. The expense defaults to current date, but you can quickly change it by tapping on “Today” and choosing a new date.
      Tap and hold to rearrange the icons (categories) on your home screen. Swipe left to see an overview of your monthly expenses. From this screen you can delete an expense with another swipe. Tap a row to see the history of selected category. Swipe right for a statistical overview complete with charts.
      Along with being useful, this app is fun to use with its beautiful visuals, animated transitions, changing hues to reflect dollars spent, and snappy interface.
      Available: iPhone
      Cost: $1.99

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