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    App of the Week: Scribe – Copy & Paste From Mac to iPhone and iPad


      With a simple keyboard shortcut – CMD-SHIFT-X – Scribe lets you instantly transfer text or images from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. And you don’t have to be connected to the internet – it’s all done via bluetooth LE.
      Everything you send from your Mac – text, links, numbers or small images – gets copied automatically to your iPhone or iPad which you can view without having to open the Scribe app. No more emailing articles, web copy or images to yourself to view on another device.
      This is a useful app, but if it did the reverse – copy from an iPhone to a Mac – it would be top dog.
      Scribe works on all Macs and iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE. You’ll need to download the Mac app ($2.99) and iOS apps (free).
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