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    App of the Week: SeatGuru – Find the Best Airplane Seats


      Vacation season is upon us and flights to and from our destination can either delight or put an ugly mark on our trip.
      TripIt beautifully solves the problem of keeping our flight, hotel and car rentals handy via our mobile devices, but SeatGuru goes one step further to help us get the best airplane seats.
      SeatGuru offers travelers over 700 seat maps for nearly 100 different airlines. It crowd sources seat information from thousands of flyer reviews, analyzes the information and assigns a color code. You’ll want to pick a “green” seat.
      Check out the photos submitted by flyers and the location of galleys, exits and restrooms. Find seats with outlets for your phone and laptop and seats with more leg room.
      For a more enjoyable plane ride, check out SeatGuru the next time you book a flight.
      Available: iOS, Android
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