App of the Week: WorkFlowy – Take Notes, Manage Tasks and Collaborate on Projects

by rocketmatter-admin May 3, 2013

Billed as an application that can help you “organize your brain,” WorkFlowy lets you manage tasks, take notes and collaborate on projects by sharing lists with team members. What sets Workflowy apart from the myriad note taking and to-do apps is its simple, basic interface. Some would argue that it’s too simple, but the stripped down screen grows on you and lets you design how best to use the app based on your needs and how you work.
After creating an account and logging in, a blank screen greets you with a “+” sign. Press the “+” sign and enter text and it’s turned into a bullet point. Additional text will be assigned new bullet points or nested bullets. You can also add a note to each bulleted text.
Each bullet point is a task. When you’ve completed the task, tap on it and click on “complete” and it disappears. To view completed tasks, click on the pull-down menu and click on “Completed: Hidden.”
WorkFlowy’s mobile app syncs online where you can login and access additional features like sharing selected lists with team members.
To get a better idea of how you can effectively use the app, check out this useful post on Managing Your Tasks with Workflowy.
Available: iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free

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