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    App of the Week: Brewster – An Address Book To Organize Your Social Contacts


      The idea of Brewster might not be completely original, but its design and functionality separates it from any other address book application.
      There’s a simple brilliance about the way Brewster organizes your contacts. Assuming you allow it access to your phone and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts, it will take their pictures and organize them in many different and convenient categories.
      One aspect of its categorization is where you know your contacts from. Some examples of lists are current city, schooling, or workplace. Another cool way it organizes your contacts is by how often you keep in touch. If you want to see all your closest friends and/or co-workers, just check the “Frequently Contacted” list. If you’re looking to reconnect with someone, check the “Losing Touch” list.
      While the way it organizes contacts is useful, Brewster’s greatest asset is in the beauty and simplicity of its interface. The beauty lies in the contentment of scrolling through faces rather than names. As for its simplicity, Brewster allows you to text, e-mail, or interact with your contacts in any way with a swipe and a tap.
      Brewster is available for free, but make sure you download it in the Apple app store and not the Google Play Store, unless you’re a beer enthusiast looking for an Android app that allows you to manage and compare beers.
      Dean Meisel, a rock star Rocket Matter intern, is studying Economics at Northwestern University. He is from Boca Raton, FL and dabbles in writing, having contributed to numerous school publications since high school.
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