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    App of the Week: Google Play – Your Music, Movies and Books in the Cloud


      A few years ago, in my continuing effort to declutter and organize, I digitized my entire music collection – more than 5000 songs. I painstakingly reproduced the liner notes from the many, many mixed CDs my DJ friends made for me. These all went into iTunes. Then, as with all things iTunes, I forgot about it. Shiny new toys like Spotify and Pandora beckoned.
      And then it became all about the cloud – storage and access – where iTunes, and the even more pathetic, iCloud, were sorely lacking. So when Google Music, or whatever the iteration of what is now Google Play was called back then, surfaced a couple of years ago, I uploaded the entire collection for safekeeping and promptly forgot about it. Again, shiny new toys.
      Then the other day during a Goggle tools audit, I came across Google Play, clicked on it and voila, my old music collection! Well, most of it. For whatever reason, a few hundred tunes were missing. I could live with that, though many of my fanatical-about-their-music friends would freak out.
      Turns out Google Play now allows you to store up to 20,000 songs. Yes, 20K. You can also access movies, books and apps, along with Pandora-like radio stations. Google Play is available for Android phones and tablets (of course), and now, for iOS devices.
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