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    App of the Week: Happier – Create and Collect Happy Moments


      Here at Rocket Matter, we understand that life can get (very) stressful sometimes. Today’s society seems to be filled with fast paced people with short fuses. But who has time to de-stress? Now we all do thanks to the Happier app. It takes minutes a day, and the mobile format fits every lifestyle.
      The Happier app was created with one mission in mind: to help people be happier in their everyday lives.
      The folks at Happier were inspired by scientific research that shows how focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people you care about makes you happier, healthier, and even more productive. This resulted in the Happier app, a social gratitude journal centered around a positive community. Think “Twitter for sharing happy moments”.
      In the app, you can post your own personal snippets of gratitude via text or photos. Similar to other social media apps, there is a general feed where you can view and comment on other people’s happy moments to keep your warm fuzzy feeling going strong.
      For those of us that need a heavy-duty dose of happiness, the app offers paid courses on meditation and improving your overall well-being. The courses are founded in thousands of research studies that show how practicing gratitude can improve your well-being. These courses can be purchased for yourself and gifted to others in-app or via the Happier website.
      Happier has been featured in such prominent publications as Forbes, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Time Magazine named it as one of the 50 Best iPhone apps for 2013.
      The app is free and is currently only available for iPhone. Android user? Fret not. A version for Android is in the works and is coming soon. That’s definitely something to be happy about.
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