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    App of the Week: Mailbox – Tame Your Crazy Inbox


      Apple stores are known for long lines of rabid fans (some camping out for days) waiting to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest new and shiny device. Can you imagine a line that long for an app? Mailbox managed to do just that this year. Over 800,000 people signed up and eagerly waited in “line” to download the much hyped Mailbox app.
      Mailbox has met and exceeded those expectations. It’s almost a year later and I am still using the app every day. I’m not one to have multiple emails in my inbox – my OCD simply doesn’t allow for it. However, with Mailbox, I can set up reminders for emails I don’t have the time for at the moment for later today, tomorrow, or another day in the future.
      With options for push notifications and reminders on a daily basis, getting through those pesky emails is a breeze. Swiping left or right will either delete the email, move it to archived/read, or set reminders. Mailbox even offers a reward when you get down to zero messages, and that reward is a beautiful picture labeled #inboxzero. In partnership with Instagram, Mailbox will post a picture from a lucky Instagram user that Mailbox users can only see once they have cleared their entire inbox. It’s a wonderful reminder that you’ve conquered your dreaded inbox and can now take a few minutes to relax.
      Currently offered for Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud accounts, Mailbox plans to add additional email clients in the near future. Mailbox is free and available for iOS devices.
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