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    App of the Week: SpeakWrite – Transcribe Audio or Video Into Quick Blog Posts or Documents


      SpeakWrite is a mobile app (audio only) and web-based (audio and video) service that quickly transcribes audio and video files into text for blog posts, meeting notes, legal documents, and a whole lot more.
      Actual human typists set SpeakWrite apart from the many automated transcription services out there. It’s done in four easy steps:

      • Create your dictation
      • Submit your dictation to SpeakWrite
      • Your work is routed to qualified typists
      • Receive your completed document in about three hours

      The service charges pennies per word for general transcriptions and they provide experienced legal transcriptionist for legal files.
      The company has been around for more than 16 years and services many industries, including law firms. We’ve used SpeakWrite to transcribe a videos into blog posts and the process has been seamless.
      SpeakWrite is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. For video transcription, you’ll have to visit their website.
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