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    App of the Week: Toshl Finance – An Easy Way to Track Expenses


      My dad would be proud. After bugging advising me to budget since I had a paper route, I finally did it. OK, so it’s 30 years later but it happened now because Toshl Finance made it easy to do. Sometimes even fun, as it quickly became a game.
      And boy, did this game come with a few surprises – some good and others not so much.
      The good: It was great to see how much money I saved by downsizing my gym membership from $120 to $10/month. Yes, in New york City. Go Planet Fitness! It was also good to see that my monthly “TV” bill was a meager $7.99 charge for Netflix and not the $100-$200 many of my friends pay for cable access.
      The bad: I was astonished to see how much I spend on food every month. I don’t cook (the whole New York City apartment thing) and the lovely, but not inexpensive Whole Foods down the block had become a best bud. At least I could now clearly identify an area I need to work on.
      Here’s how Toshl Finance works. Create a login: username and password (you can do this in-app or on the website), enter your expenses as they occur (like just after you checkout at the supermarket), assign a category that you created (like food, entertainment, rent, etc) and that’s it!
      You can also set a daily reminder to enter expenses. Mine is set for 10pm. Phone, rent and other bills can be set up as recurring expenses.
      Toshl Finance app is free but for additional functionality – mainly the ability to enter more than one income source or to set up repeating incomes – you’ll need to upgrade to Toshl Pro for $20. It’s available on most of the popular platforms including iPhone, Adnroid and Windows.
      Think I’ll start cooking and get over my monogamous relationship with Whole Foods.
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