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    App of the Week: Treehouse for iPad – Because Everyone Should Learn to Code


      Type “everyone should” into the Google search box. Surprised? I was. The first phrase that Google suggests is “everyone should learn to code!” I’ve seen a few articles on the subject recently but didn’t know it was a skill that sought after.

      Lots of websites and apps have sprung up to fill the need. Codeacademy is a popular website option. So are The Django Book, Udacity and Khan Academy. Many of the services and apps are free, but if you’re really serious about learning to code and building applications, you should probably shell out a few dollars.
      The new Treehouse iPad app is a great paid option. The app is free, but requires a Treehouse membership starting at $25/month.

      The iPad app offers most of the content that’s available on the web: over 1,000 step-by-step videos, quizzes and code challenges that teaches you how to build websites, create iPhone apps and build web apps with Ruby on Rails and PHP. If you want to learn how to build Android apps, you’ll have to use the web version of Treehouse. Languages you can learn include Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and SQL – right on your iPad.
      What’s a code app without gamification? Earn badges as you progress that shows your skill level.
      So if you want to hone your coding skills or work in a different industry but have a side project for an application that will change the world, check out Treehouse iPad app.
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