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    Client-Centric Approach: Exploring Rocket Matter’s Client Management Solutions

    Client-Centric Approach Exploring Rocket Matter's Client Management Solutions

      When you were in law school, you probably never thought that practicing law would actually be the easiest part of running a law firm.  

      Given the choice between managing the nuances of managing clients and crafting compelling arguments, it’s safe to say most lawyers would choose the latter. Meeting high client expectations and juggling day-to-day tasks require a specific set of skills and tools.   

      Ones that weren’t taught in law school. 

      With this article, we’re diving into how Rocket Matter can pave the way for effective client management. We’ll look at:  

      • Rocket Matter tools that keep clients engaged  
      • How to personalize client experiences 
      • Ways to improve communication 
      • Strategies for client collaboration 

      Tools of the trade: client-centric features in Rocket Matter 

      Adages abound about keeping clients happy, but how exactly do you achieve that? It’s a two-part recipe of tools and practices. We’ll leave the client service best practices talk for another day. For now, let’s talk about how to use Rocket Matter to deliver a positive client experience (along with excellent legal services).  

      Rocket Matter provides:  

      Efficient communication tools 

      Communication is key to managing client relationships. However, communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum. And if you’re working an average number of hours as an attorney, you can’t take it all on alone.  

      Rocket Matter streamlines client communications so they can stay informed and engaged. Tools like… 

      …make it faster to connect with clients, share case information, and build all-important trust with them.  


      Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Business Intelligence

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      There are just certain things in life that you wouldn’t, even couldn’t, do without a little research and background information. Running a legal practice is definitely one of those things.

      Document automation and management  

      Drowning in paperwork is frustrating, and feeling disorganized impacts your ability to manage client relationships.  

      Whether your goal is to spend less time printing documents or to simplify your workflows, Rocket Matter provides law firms with document automation and management features like:  

      • Customizable document templates  
      • Automatic field population 
      • Automated document creation 
      • Cloud-based storage 
      • Secure file-sharing 
      Case and project management solutions 

      How quickly are you able to attend to client matters? The answer impacts your productivity, but it also impacts your client experience. Some delays in legal work may be unavoidable, but delays should never be a result of poor case management.  

      If you’ve been using outdated strategies or tools for managing client work, Rocket Matter can bring your practice up to speed. Implementing tools such as: 

      • Kanban boards 
      • Automated workflow templates 
      • Customized matter dashboards  
      • Comprehensive matter reports 
      Online payment options 

      Implementing online payment methods has been shown to increase law firm profitability and speed up payment collections by 38%, enhancing both client satisfaction and financial performance.  

      Rocket Matter's client portal, featuring online payment processing, significantly boosts law firms' revenues and streamlines client payments. 

      Creating a custom client experience with Rocket Matter 

      Personalizing services to your clients is a surefire way to provide a positive experience working with your firm, and there are lots of opportunities to do so.  

      Tailor client communications with a legal client relationship management (CRM) 

      Don’t leave your leads and clients wondering when they’ll hear from you next. Using a legal CRM makes it easy to deliver consistent, personalized communications throughout the client lifecycle.  

      • Nurture leads with email drip campaigns 
      • Gather critical information with smart intake forms 
      • Follow up consistently with reminders 
      • Connect with clients on preferred platforms with email and text messaging capabilities 

      Rocket Matter also includes a built-in chat feature, similar to popular messaging apps. This feature provides instant communication between law firms and clients, helping resolve questions and address concerns quickly. 

      Show you know your clients with your contact management system 

      Understanding who your client is and what their needs are is the first step in personalizing your services. Don’t relegate that information to stick notes, though.  

      With Rocket Matter’s integrated contact management system, law firms can segment clients and apply custom fields and tags to ensure that every client’s unique preferences and history are easily accessible.   

      Demonstrate your attention to detail 

      Details are everything in law, and they’re also everything in client relationships. To show that you’re committed to delivering a client-centered experience, look for little ways to tailor your services.  

      Document automation, in particular, is a stealthy strategy for customizing client experience. When you quickly produce personalized documents, contracts, and communication materials, you impress clients with your efficient service—and your commitment to a tailored experience.

      Client collaboration: enhancing collaboration and transparency with Rocket Matter 

      Rocket Matter significantly enhances client collaboration and transparency, building stronger client-lawyer relationships: 

      Shared access to documents and case information 

      Clients can be given controlled access to their case documents and information. This transparency builds trust and keeps clients informed about the progress of their matters. 

      File sharing and electronic signature 

      Secure file-sharing and electronic signature features allow clients to review and sign documents efficiently. This speeds up the process and involves the client directly in various steps of their legal journey. 

      Real-time updates and collaborative tools 

      With Rocket Matter, you can actively keep clients informed with up-to-the-minute updates on their cases. Its collaborative features, like task management and shared calendars, involve clients directly, ensuring they're always up-to-date on key deadlines, meetings, and milestones.  

      Create a client-centric law firm with the right tools 

      Make Rocket Matter’s suite of legal software solutions part of a positive client experience. Our software helps law firms deliver personalized interactions, streamline information sharing, and cultivate a transparent, collaborative environment. With these tools, law firms see a notable improvement in their workflow and a deepening of their client relationships. 

      Schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today.  

      Frequently Asked Questions about Rocket Matter’s Client Management Solutions 

      How do Rocket Matter's client management solutions improve client satisfaction within law firms? 

      Rocket Matter's solutions are designed to enhance every aspect of client interaction. From personalized communication tools to collaborative features, these solutions enable law firms to provide superior client service and increase client satisfaction. 

      Can Rocket Matter's tools be customized to fit specific law firm needs and client requirements? 

      Definitely. Rocket Matter's toolkit can be configured to the unique needs of each law firm and its clientele. Our customer success specialists work closely with our users to understand the needs of each practice and how to use different features within Rocket Matter to their best advantage.  

      What security measures does Rocket Matter employ to safeguard client data within its solutions? 

      Rocket Matter strives to keep client and law firm data safe, even as security threats are on the rise. Our bank-level encryption offers the highest degree of safety for your data, and we combine that encryption with best security practices such as customizable permission-based access, security Q&A, expiring access deadlines, and more.  

      How does Rocket Matter assist in managing client communication across multiple channels? 

      Rocket Matter integrates all forms of client communication into one easy-to-use platform. This includes emails, texts, and portal messages. The platform is highly adaptable, which means that it can cater to the evolving preferences of modern legal clients. By being present where the client is and communicating in a way that they prefer, Rocket Matter ensures that client communication is not only effective but also highly efficient. 


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      Are you sure about running a law firm without regularly analyzing performance data?

      There are just certain things in life that you wouldn’t, even couldn’t, do without a little research and background information. Running a legal practice is definitely one of those things.

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