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    Get Organized and Productive: Decluttering Tips For the Office


      With a nod to pathological hoarders, getting rid of clutter is one of the easiest ways to get organized and increase productivity at the office. Here are a few tips.
      Dumpster Day – Dumpster Day is exactly what you think: a day dedicated to cleaning out the office and dumping things you no longer need. Schedule a monthly Dumpster Day where everyone is encouraged to go through their desks, files, bookshelves, and purge themselves of stuff they don’t need anymore. If there’s any doubt, toss it.
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      Declutter your phone – Does it take ages to locate an app or access basic functions on your mobile device? Clean up your phone. Too many apps takes up precious storage space, drains the battery and wastes your time. Delete unused apps and group the rest into folders. Do the same with your computer by purging old documents, videos, images and applications or move them to the cloud.
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      Declutter your desk – “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ― Albert Einstein’s insinuation aside, and the suggestion that we keep our office messy or neat to match our cognitive style, I’ll go out on a limb and say that most of us would prefer working (and work better) at a clutter-free desk. Four items help me keep my desk clutter-free: scanner, adequate drawer space, wastepaper bin and a bookshelf within reach.

      Clean up your social media accounts – There are few things more noisy and time consuming online that a cluttered Twitter stream or Facebook wall. Unfollow Twitter accounts and unlike Facebook Pages (and people) that are no longer useful or that post too much. Create lists instead.
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      Get rid of one item for every one that you add – Now that you’ve achieved decluttering nirvana, keep it so by removing one item for every one that you add. Add a new scanner? Donate the old one, or throw out the badly chipped coffee mug that you’ve been holding on to.
      If you’re serious about decluttering your office…and your home, check out Zen Habits blog written by Leo Babauta where you’ll find a host of articles on topics like Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter and 18 Five-Minute Decluttering Tips to Start Conquering Your Mess.
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