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      Timekeeping in the Cloud
      Who could resist clicking on a title like Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That in Law Technology Today? We certainly couldn’t and boy, were we happy to see an article by law firm, Dine Law, P.L., about timekeeping for lawyers, and how they use Rocket Matter as their billing software to make timekeeping and more a breeze.
      Dine Law, P.L., which provides Elder Law services in Florida, moved their entire practice (server, telephones, time-keeping and document management systems) to the cloud two years ago. They chose Rocket Matter for their legal practice management and time and billing software, and here’s what members of the firm had to say about the process:

      …it became very clear that we needed time-keeping program that was simple to use and was mobile…So we demoed Rocket Matter, Clio and Bill4Time…Erika, Diane and Heather all had previous experience with Rocket Matter, and it quickly became the clear frontrunner.

      “I started to research and learned of a new software billing system called Rocket Matter. I took the demo and was immediately hooked. First it was pretty! Second, it was so easy to use. I could set up my contacts, calendar, and new clients and I could access all of the above from my cell phone. Oh and I could bill an appointment that was calendared at a click of a button. It changed the fate of my billing and my ability to manage my business on my own,” said Erika
      Heather added, “There isn’t a lot of clutter on your screen and is very straight forward. Rocket Matter gave us the flexibility to enter time anywhere. We didn’t have to be logged in to our desktop computer, we could login from our phones or home computers because it was all web/cloud based…Thank goodness we are now back to using Rocket Matter! I feel this has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a firm. Time gets tracked a lot more efficiently and therefore there isn’t as much wasted time fixing invoices!”
      And, Logan, “What I do find rewarding about Rocket Matter is that it not only displays your total daily billable hours in big numbers, it also displays your real-time accounts receivable in the lower right-hand portion of your screen. In addition, as my position in the firm evolved, so did my need to generate invoices within the software. I learned that Rocket Matter is much more flexible than QuickBooks and makes editing invoices a smoother, faster process.”
      Then Diane summed it up, “I am happy to report and am a proud user of Rocket Matter. Capturing your time, invoicing, printing and revising invoices is as easy as 1, 2, 3.”
      Thanks, guys!
      There’s much more in the article. Check it out (link above).
      Since then we’ve enhanced our native iPhone app after extensive testing and feedback for a truly mobile solution.

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