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    Use Evernote for a Rewarding Conference Experience


      You can use Evernote to take meeting notes, record ideas, manage to-do lists and store or track just about any information at home or work. You can also use it to make your conference attendance more meaningful and productive. Here’s how:
      Conference logistics – Don’t scramble to find your flight information, hotel address, and conference schedule. Forward confirmation emails to your “Conference” notebook in Evernote or take a few minutes to record the details. (TripIt is also a great app for managing your travel schedule.)
      Plan your agenda – The best way to have a useful, productive conference is to plan ahead. Plan each day – breakfast, sessions, exhibition hall visits, plenaries, lunches, dinners and socials. You can deviate from your schedule, but it’s a good idea to have one to start with. Create your finely tuned agenda in Evernote and you’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime, on any device. If you have more than one team member attending, Evernote is great for collaborating and sharing agendas.
      Take session notes – Forget paper and pen, take session notes in Evernote on your laptop, tablet or phone. Prepare in advance by creating a specific conference notebook. Then, create a note in that notebook for each session you plan on attending. Record title and speakers with their Twitter handles so it’s easier to live-tweet the event if that’s your thing. Include photos of session slides. And, If you blog, some of your notes can be quickly turned into posts.
      Record receipts for reimbursement – Travel, meals, and other expenses are often forgotten if you don’t record them right away. And pockets of receipts are easily lost. Instead, scan each receipt into a “Conference Receipts” Evernote notebook each night and add notes if necessary. This is easily done by taking a picture of the receipt with your device and dragging the image into Evernote. Then, email the completed expense report right from Evernote to the accounts rep at your firm during the flight home.
      Scan and annotate business cards – Ever got home after a conference with a bunch of business cards but can’t remember who’s who and how you connected? Me too. To avoid this, spend a few minutes each night before turning in and add notes to each card. If you want to put a face to the name, take a picture (make sure name tag is included) and drag into Evernote. Annotate for context.
      These are just a few of the ways to use Evernote to make your conference attendance less stressful and more productive and enjoyable.
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