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    8 New Evernote Enhancements for Mac Lawyers


      Evernote is more than a note-taking application. It’s a place to offload your brain so you don’t have to remember everything. We use it so much, we compiled an E-Book: A Lawyer’s Guide to Evernote. And it integrates with legal practice management software to provide a seamless experience for Evernote-loving lawyers.
      And it just got even better.
      The latest update is a complete rewrite of Evernote for Mac, making it significantly faster and more reliable, with a few new features thrown in for good measure. Here are seven of the more useful enhancements.
      1. Faster navigation with new keyboard shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts let you access frequently used features with a keystroke. We compiled 20 essential Evernote keyboard shortcuts, but they added more! Don’t go crazy with keyboard shortcuts, or else they lose their effectiveness as you won’t remember them all. Choose a few essential ones for frequently repeated tasks. Now you have more to choose from.
      2. More functionality for tables – Tables are great for organizing text and data. It took a while for Evernote to offer the ability to create tables in notes. They’ve incrementally built up the feature and with the new release, tables can now be resized, and have configurable background colors and border styles. Sweet.
      3. Image editing – Dragging (or emailing) images into Evernote is especially useful for presentations and other works earmarked for publication. Now images can be resized right in the note editor by clicking and dragging the handle in the bottom right corner.
      4. Improved syncing – Evernote saves as you type, but you have to choose how often you want your notes to sync across the web version, your computer, and mobile devices: manually, or every 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Now, sync is more than 3x faster and new notes sync instantly.
      5. Redesigned checkboxes – Tasks and to-do lists are better with checkboxes. They help you chart your progress. And it feels good to watch those boxes get checked. Evernote added the feature a few releases ago and have enhanced them in the note editor so they are easier to click.
      6. Reduced drag on your battery– Hey, we all love battery-saving measures. Battery energy consumption when Evernote is idle has been significantly reduced.
      7. Spotlight Search – Evernote has its own robust search functionality, but now when you preform a Spotlight search on your Mac, it will return relevant Evernote results. I’ve already discovered a useful note in Evernote (that I forgot was there) for a project using this global search feature.
      8. Recently Used Notes – Evernote has a very useful feature that allows you to add shortcuts in the sidebar to your frequently used notes and notebooks. Right below that, are five of your recent notes. So, if you have to get out of the note you’re currently working in to access another note, you can quickly get back to the note by clicking on the link in “Recent Notes” section. A huge time-saver. This feature has been enhanced with a faster sidebar notebook selector.
      Evernote is open on my computer all day, every day – even on weekends – for storing and retrieving information. These enhancements make navigating the application even more effortless.

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