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    Free and Low Cost Options For Hosting Your WordPress Blog


      We’re big advocates of the WordPress platform for blogging. Not the free so much as the self-hosted But although the platform is open source (read: free), you’ll need a web hosting service the hoist the blog. Most of these services are lost cost and some are even free.

      Free options

      If you’re willing to put up with advertising, embedded attribution links, and incessant sales pitches, free hosting options for your WordPress blog are available. They include Freehostia, Zymic, and Byethost.

      Many of the free options also put limits on bandwidth, storage space and number of domains that you can host. They also come in freemium models, so expect a barrage of marketing offers to upgrade. This option is recommended only if you’re testing the waters with the intention of upgrading.

      Low cost options

      There are tons of great low cost options available out there which meet the WordPress minimum requirements. WordPress numbers them in the hundreds of thousands. Figuring out which one to use can be a nightmare but fortunately, WordPress suggests a few that represents some of the best and the brightest of the hosting world:

      Bluehost – Unlimited disk storage, monthly data storage and hosting of domains on one account. I’ve hosted several blogs over the years on Bluehost and it remains a favorite of mine. Consistently responsive and helpful customer service, and at around $5 per month, an awesome bargain.

      DreamHost – Voted “Best WordPress Support”, DreamHost is another great bargain at around $7 per month. They offer unlimited domains, email, databases, disk space and bandwidth. I’ve also used this and recommend it though I don’t find it as intuitive as Bluehost.

      HostGator – Although not listed on the front page of recommendations on the WordPress site, HostGator is one of the more frequently recommended web hosts I’ve come across. They have plans starting at around $4 per month with the $7 plan providing the same unlimited features as the other two, including domains, disk space and bandwidth.

      You can’t go wrong with any of these low cost options, so sign up, and happy blogging!


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