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    Introducing Rocket Matter’s Beautiful Law Firm Invoice Lineup


      Rocket Matter is known for our speedy and elegant user-interface for our iPhone app and web-based legal billing software.  In fact, we’re something of a bellwether and inspiration in law practice management software in that regard.

      But what about you, the lawyer?  How can you express your sophistication to your clients in your communications with them?  If it’s not happening with your invoices, it’s probably not happening:  for many lawyers, the law firm invoice is the #1 communication point with their customers.

      So we took our obsession with beautiful design and reached out to some professional designers to come up with elegant law firm invoices, rolled out last week in our “Worf” release.  Of course, as a Rocket Matter user, you’re welcome to design and use your own.  But we wanted to give you some you can use right away or build on top of.

      Law Firm Invoice #1:  The Viscount

      Elegance.  Class.  Luxury.  Rich Corinthian leather in the form of a legal invoice.  Impress your clients with your refinement.

      Viscount Law Firm Invoice

      Law Firm Invoice #2: The Modernist

      Simple.  Modern. Clean.  Communicate your clarity of thought and sophisticated eye for design with this sleek offering.

      Modernist Law Firm Invoice

      Law Firm Invoice #3: The Emerald Coach

      Green is in. Whether you’re eco or not, express your individuality in a professional, luxurious way with our elegant emerald beauty.

      Emerald Coach Law Firm Invoice

      Law Firm Invoice #4: The Hipster

      Commanding yet hip, this minimalist invoice is inspired by an invoice provided to us by one of our younger users.

      Hipster Law Firm Invoice

      Law Firm Invoice #5: The Original

      Times New Roman 12 point font. Classic look.  For those that want the embodiment of a Brooks Brothers suit in their client communications.

      Original Law Firm Invoice

      Law Firm Invoice #6: The Classic

      A new spin on the basics.  Dress up your invoice conservatively with some blue and grey.

      Classic Law Firm Invoice

      Have a law firm invoice of your own you want to share with the world?  E-mail us a blank one at info (at) rocketmatter (dot) com and we’ll showcase your beauty.

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