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    Launch Your Practice to New Heights with Rocket Matter Websites

    Launch Your Practice to New Heights with Rocket Matter Websites

      Trying to find the right website solution for your law firm can be a challenge. Many of the most popular website-building services don’t cater specifically to the unique needs of the legal profession—and those that do tend to charge outrageous fees. 

      That’s why Rocket Matter has created a legal turnkey website-building service specifically designed for law firms of any size. With our legal-specific website solution, you can get a professional website that looks great, enhances your marketing efforts, and adheres to industry best practices.  

      Here’s what Rocket Matter Websites can do for your firm. 


      In today’s digital age, potential clients typically visit your website long before they visit your physical office, and these first impressions can make the difference between a lead who converts and a lead who goes so cold they might as well be located at an Arctic research station. 

      Consider this: would you be more likely to trust a service provider with a website that looked like it was designed in 2002 and hasn’t been updated since, or one that is modern, polished, and user-friendly? 

      Rocket Matter Websites provides law firms with websites that are well-crafted, on-brand, and deliver an optimal user experience. Our mobile-friendly websites are based on proven design strategies that make it easy for visitors to navigate your site on a computer or a mobile phone, taking them one step closer to conversion. 


      Engaging, informative content is a must-have to showcase your knowledge and experience and give potential clients an idea of what they can expect from your firm. But creating that content can be a labor-intensive task that eats into your billable hours.  

      With Rocket Matter Websites, you’ll be provided with: 

      • 10 pages to feature your practice 
      • 3 stock photos to give your site a polished appearance 
      • 15 blog posts for each practice area of your firm to demonstrate your expertise 

      Plus, all of your content will be optimized for search engines to help boost your online visibility.  

      Customer convenience tools 

      One thing that everyone loves? Convenience. That’s why it’s paramount that your website supports your clients and their interactions with your law firm. 

      Rocket Matter Websites provide essential tools to make your processes more manageable. These tools include:  

      The easier it is for your clients to do business with you, the more likely they are to return for services and refer you to others.  

      Fast turnaround 

      While a completely customized website may sound like the best option for a law firm, the process can often take several months to complete. During this time, your firm could miss out on potential clients while you’re waiting for the final product to be designed, reviewed, approved, and implemented. 

      But with a turnkey solution like Rocket Matter Website, your website can launch in as little as eight weeks.  

      We’ll provide a draft of your new website within two to three weeks, which you can review at your own pace to request any revisions needed. Once the edits are complete, your site will be launched in the following two to four weeks, giving your firm the online presence it needs.  


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      SEO marketing 

      While the design and content on your website are critical for making a solid first impression, they won’t do you much good if they’re not landing in front of the right eyes. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in, boosting your site’s visibility by increasing your chances of showing up in an online search.  

      The right keywords and content types are essential for increasing your online presence. And with Rocket Matter Websites, you’ll get content that’s optimized for local SEO, making sure potential clients in your geographic region are aware of your law firm and its services.  


      If you’re using a website building service that doesn’t provide regular maintenance (or only provides it for an additional fee), you could wind up spending more money on support than marketing outreach—or valuable time on in-house website updates.  

      Rocket Matter knows that keeping your website up-to-date and secure is paramount to the health of your law firm. That’s why we offer quarterly content updates to ensure that your information is current and accurate, as well as 24/7 security and technology updates to keep your site protected against cyber-attacks and other security threats.  

      Easy terms 

      Many website builders require customers to sign lengthy contracts that can make it difficult and expensive to change your service. Another issue that comes along with those contracts is portability. When it’s time to move your site to another provider or hosting service, you might discover that it’s nearly impossible to make the switch.  

      At Rocket Matter, we don’t require our customers to sign restrictive contracts. Instead, we’ll scale with your business as much or as little as needed. We know that freedom is important to our customers, so we build our sites on WordPress and allow you to move to the hosting service of your choice at any time. 

      We pride ourselves on the quality of our work—we want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you’re stuck.  

      Easy pricing 

      When you’re building a website for your firm, the last thing you want to do is spend most of your marketing budget on a product that takes a while to get traction. Many website-building services charge thousands of dollars for what they do without providing the tools necessary for success.  

      Rocket Matter offers easy, fixed-fee-per-firm pricing that makes quality websites available for solo practitioners and law firms of any size. Setup fees are only $599 for active Rocket Matter firms, and monthly fees start at $149 for annual plan members. 

      Ready to launch your legal practice to new heights?  

      Whether you have a website that needs updating or you want to build one from scratch, Rocket Matter’s turnkey legal website solution can get your new website in front of prospective clients in a matter of weeks. 

      Ready to see what Rocket Matter Websites can do for your firm? Schedule a demo today.

      Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Business Intelligence

      Are you sure about running a law firm without regularly analyzing performance data?

      There are just certain things in life that you wouldn’t, even couldn’t, do without a little research and background information. Running a legal practice is definitely one of those things.

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