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    How to Optimize Law Firm Marketing Emails for Mobile


      Blackberries, iPhones, and Droids. Oh my.
      In today’s society where people are constantly on the go, mobile devices are growing in popularity and daily usage. Emails are now being read more frequently on mobile devices than they are on desktops. This begs the question: are your current law firm marketing emails optimized for mobile?
      The last thing you want is for a potential client to delete your email out of frustration. Providing the proper user experience for mobile customers is essential to every firm’s marketing efforts. With that being said, here are 3 ways to optimize marketing emails for mobile devices.
      1. Take Advantage of the Subject and Preheader
      The subject line and preheader can be game changers in an email read on a mobile device. It’s important to make sure these two elements work to your advantage.
      The subject line must be kept short and sweet. Remember, there’s less screen real estate on mobile devices, and some text may get cut off. Try to captivate your audience in 4 – 6 words or 35 characters. Think about what fewest words will have the greatest impact. (Check out
      A preheader is the preview text that shows in the inbox of your emails, and it’s usually just a few lines long (see image below). Most email preheaders will say something like “Having Trouble Viewing This? Click Here” or “Click Here for a Printable Version”. This is a red flag to your audience that your email may not even be worth their time. If they can’t see what your email is about in less than two seconds, it’s destined to be deleted.

      Avoid this by using the preheader as an opportunity to engage your audience. It’s really an extension of your subject line, so use it wisely.
      2. Focus On Readability
      One of the easiest things to control in a mobile marketing email is readability. Make sure that your content can be seen! Larger font sizes are usually better. Anything less than 11pt font may be too tiny to view comfortably on a mobile device.
      Keeping your content restricted to a single column is also important, as well as aligning your text to the left.
      As far as content fitting on your screen, some mobile devices will simply resize your content, while others will show your message full-size. Make sure to design your HTML emails with this in mind, as having to scroll left and right unnecessarily is inconvenient and extremely annoying. Viewers hate it, and your email will be deleted faster than you can say “eye strain-induced headache.”
      3. Perfect Your Layout
      Don’t forget to optimize the layout of your emails for your mobile users. One way to do this is to have an abundance of white space. It allows breathing room in an otherwise cramped viewing area. It also makes skimming a lot easier.
      If tapping on a link in your email requires superhuman hand-eye coordination, you may want to re-consider your layout. Make sure links are spaced far apart. It’s easy to have pinpoint clicking precision on a desktop, but the same cannot be said about mobile devices. It’s difficult to tap on links when they’re right on top of each other, especially for those with larger than normal fingers.
      Don’t try to get too fancy with newsletter templates, either. Focus on getting your message out instead of dazzling with fancy colors and fonts. While branding is important, it should never overshadow your email’s true purpose: to convert your audience. Minimize the bells and whistles and keep the interaction as simple and as “human” as possible.
      Before sending any newsletter, make sure you test, test, test. Try viewing your email on multiple devices to get a sense of how it looks and how people interact with it.
      As always, measure your results. If something’s missing, adjust it. It’s never too late to make adjustments to your marketing techniques. Just be proactive and keep your target audience in mind.
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