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    How Law Firms Can Stand Out From The Crowd in the Age of Infobesity


      The age of infobesity–the over-consumption of online information, or information overload–is upon us. It has been said that infobesity is the enemy of good decisions. Gaining visibility online is becoming harder and harder every year and with competitors fighting for precious internet real estate, it’s more important than ever to break free from the clutter and tell your story in a way that will captivate your audience. Keeping the following in mind will help you stand out from the rest and boost your performance online.

      1. Humanize your website. Today, the average consumer is exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages in various forms, every day. The majority of those messages are for products and services with little relevance or interest to the consumer, especially at the time they’re viewing it. A consumer that reaches your law firm website, however, is likely starting the process of researching a local attorney who best fits their current needs, and will compare several along the way. As such, your site and content should immediately build an emotional connection. Authenticity is a crucial element of humanizing your business.

      2. Employ responsive design. Quite simply, mobile is here to stay and our website should be optimized for mobile search. In a December, 2013 study by the marketing agency 15 Miles, a full 78 percent of local-mobile searches were shown to result in offline purchases. In short, customers who use local search tend to follow through with their search intent and seek out the businesses they were looking for on their devices. If your website isn’t showing up, or if the mobile experience is poor, you are almost certainly missing out on new business.

      3. Focus on the overall customer experience. You want to project your expertise and depth of knowledge to consumers. You might be surprised to learn that the consumer is actually less concerned about where your attorneys went to law school, or your last big settlement, and more about what their actual customer experience will be like with your firm. Consider your potential client’s point of view and pain points when building your site and creating content. Remember, the law firm that wins the new business online is most often the one consumers feel can relate to their situation and get them results with a compassionate, caring and thorough approach.

      4. Utilize video. Video can be a great tool for building a better connection with consumers online. A short video, done properly, can transmit all the necessary information about the firm quickly, along with some personality, humor or compassion that create an emotional connection. Again, authenticity is a key element here. Giving a brief overview of a related legal topic or problem while projecting the essence of your customer centric approach to solving these issues will go a long way toward influencing a potential client.

      Getting noticed and standing out from the crowd online can be a difficult challenge. Doing so will likely require persistent effort and considerable resources over time. Humanizing your business and focusing on the overall customer experience will help ensure that those efforts go a lot farther online.

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