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    Legal Productivity Hacks: Streamlining Your Legal Workflow


      Every attorney’s day goes about the same: juggling client meetings, court deadlines, and endless rounds of document revisions… not to mention managing team members and collaborating with other attorneys.

      And let’s not forget business-related tasks like time tracking, invoicing, marketing, and the dreaded month-end reconciliation.

      Legal work is complicated, and finding time to breathe—let alone be productive—can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

      With the right blend of strategy, know-how, and technology, you can easily streamline your workflows, optimize productivity, reduce stress, and transform your practice into a well-oiled legal machine.

      Let’s look at five productivity hacks you can start implementing immediately.

      1. Tame your task list with strategic task management

      Attorneys often struggle with prioritizing tasks, leading to a mess of missed deadlines and muddled responsibilities. This chaos hampers productivity and increases stress levels, making it difficult to deliver superior services. 

      To increase overall efficiency, you can adapt a systematic approach to task management by: 

      • Prioritizing down tasks by urgency and complexity. 
      • Using color-coded tagging for easy identification. 
      • Assigning tasks based on expertise and workload capacity for a balanced distribution of responsibilities. 

      Software tools designed for collaboration and visibility, such as Rocket Matter’s legal project management software, can also be lifesavers, keeping tasks orderly and encouraging collaboration.   

      For instance, with matter templates, legal teams can automate assigning recurring tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks. Furthermore, Kanban boards provide a visual snapshot of case progress, making it easy to identify where bottlenecks might be occurring and reallocate tasks and resources as needed. 

      You can also hold regular team meetings and establish clear communication channels. Holding weekly check-ins allows you to discuss task progress, identify potential roadblocks, and reallocate resources if necessary.  

      2. Master your minutes for effortless time tracking

      Juggling multiple cases and clients often leads to inaccuracies in time entries, overlooked hours, and, ultimately, lost revenue.  

      Using time-tracking tools is highly recommended for accurately capturing both billable and non-billable hours. Time-tracking software like Rocket Matter Track allows you to automate time entry with multiple timers. You can start and stop as you work, capturing every billable minute across multiple matters. 

      (Working on the go? Rocket Matter is cloud-based so that you can work from whatever courthouse or coffee house you find yourself in.) 

      It’s also a great practice to set aside a few minutes at the end of the day for a time entry review so you can be sure that you’ve accounted for all billable work without trying to think back too far. 

      Streamline Cash Flows and Get Paid Faster with Rocket Matter Pay

      Law firms have plenty of good reasons to offer online credit card processing:

      • Faster, more reliable payments
      • Less administrative time spent processing checks and reconciling books
      • Offering clients the payment options they actually prefer
      • But why have so many firms chosen not to take advantage of all the benefits of credit card processing?

      3. Simplify your legal document handling

      You’ve probably been in the same shoes as many attorneys: knee-deep in paperwork, chasing down that one document you’re sure was right on your desk… Or was it in your email? Maybe the shared drive?  

      The seemingly simple task of finding, organizing, and managing legal documents can quickly morph from a routine task to an overwhelming challenge. It can eat up precious minutes, even hours of your day, diverting attention away from casework and client relationships.  

      The key to efficiently managing these documents lies in using the right platform for saving, organizing, and sharing them.    

      Document management software can simplify and streamline document organization and management. For example, Rocket Matter provides features such as: 

      It can even add billable time directly to documents as you work, so no minute of your effort goes unbilled. 

      4. Facilitate easy, crystal-clear internal and client communication

      Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings that derail case progress, strain client relationships, and lead to inefficiencies that clog your workflow. That’s why effective communication strategies are essential for a streamlined legal workflow.  

      To achieve maximum clarity and efficiency, you’ll need a blend of traditional methods and modern tools.  

      Internal communication 

      Good internal communication starts with establishing and adhering to structured communication protocols within your team, such as:  

      • Regularly scheduled meetings 
      • Clear agendas 
      • Defined communication channels 

      You can also utilize technology such as shared task-centered calendars and internal live chat software within legal practice management software to centralize information.  

      Client communication 

      Maintaining swift and personalized communication is essential in today’s digital age. A robust legal client relationship management (CRM) platform like Rocket Matter CRM can help you leave the days of frustrating, time-eating phone tags and missed opportunities behind.  

      A legal CRM can automate personalized follow-up messages via email or text to improve your speed to lead—i.e., how quickly you get in touch with potential clients after initial contact—without taking time out of your day. With this software, potential clients feel immediately attended to, even when you’re too busy to pick up the phone.  

      Even better, a legal CRM can help qualify leads with intelligent intake forms that lead potential clients through a series of questions that help determine if they’re the right fit. No more wasting time on consult calls that don’t lead to revenue! 

      Additionally, a legal CRM acts as your one source of truth by centralizing your client communications into one easily accessible platform that’s updated in real time. It also provides a variety of other features for automated, real-time client communication, such as: 

      • Automated workflows 
      • Email marketing drip campaigns 
      • Text campaigns 
      • Advanced reporting 

      These technologies streamline your marketing and communication workflows and processes, allowing you to grow client relationships while protecting your billable hours.   

      5. Leverage workflow automation for routine tasks

      An attorney’s workday is filled with routine, repetitive tasks that can take your most valuable asset: time.  

      Workflow automation puts these mundane tasks on autopilot so you can focus on high-level strategizing and client interactions. 

      Some workflow automation techniques that can significantly benefit legal professionals include: 

      • Automated document generation with templates and automatic client information population 
      • Automatic case progress notifications 
      • Automated billing 
      • Batch billing 
      • Matter templates to automate assigning tasks and deadlines based on case type 

      Harness the power of Rocket Matter to work smarter, not harder 

      Unlocking your practice’s full potential hinges on a strategic mindset, the knowledge to carry out your strategy, and the right technological tools to automate and simplify the process.  

      Embracing this trifecta can elevate your firm’s productivity, leading to more effective operations and enhanced efficiency. That means you can focus on what’s most important: delivering exceptional legal services to your clients.  

      Rocket Matter is here to help! We provide a comprehensive suite of legal practice management software that handles every part of the legal workflow, from initial contact to getting paid for your services. 

      Schedule a demo or start your free trial today. 

      Streamline Cash Flows and Get Paid Faster with Rocket Matter Pay

      Law firms have plenty of good reasons to offer online credit card processing:

      • Faster, more reliable payments
      • Less administrative time spent processing checks and reconciling books
      • Offering clients the payment options they actually prefer
      • But why have so many firms chosen not to take advantage of all the benefits of credit card processing?

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