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    Mobilizing Your Legal Practice: The Power of Rocket Matter’s Mobile Solutions

    Mobilizing Your Legal Practice The Power of Rocket Matter's Mobile Solutions

      We live in an on-the-go world—it’s just a fact. Twenty years ago, we could leave work at the office. To stay competitive, today’s law firms have to operate under the assumption that people will work remotely, at least some of the time.  

      Working out of the office comes with its share of challenges, but it also has many benefits. When law firms employ the right tools, their teams can work more efficiently from any location, while still keeping sensitive client data secure.  

      But to help your team work from anywhere, from the courthouse to the home office, you need to establish best practices with your team. With Rocket Matter’s mobile solutions, establishing a productive on-the-go workflow is easier than ever.  

      5 things mobile solutions empower you to do 

      Let’s talk about how you can support your team when they work outside the office, from tips and tricks to helpful tools.  

      1. Protect sensitive client data with an encrypted project management system 

      Historically, one of the principal arguments against working outside the office was data vulnerability. Without a protected server, you would be vulnerable to a data breach, which would be devastating to your firm (and clients).  

      Today, cloud computing and cloud practice management systems are much safer than on-premises software. Rocket Matter’s practice management system provides law firms with bank-level security. It utilizes cloud computing with bank-level end-to-end encryption, server backups, and two-factor authentication.  

      With these features, lawyers can work from anywhere in the world with the knowledge that their clients’ sensitive data is protected from bad actors.  

      Take Rocket Matter’s secure file-sharing and electronic signature features. Legal staff can send documents to clients via email, and clients can securely access documents, add their signatures, and send them back in minutes via their smartphone, computer, or tablet.  

      This provides increased flexibility for your team and peace of mind. 

      2. Use a project management system that’s easy to operate from any smart device 

      Here’s a general rule: if a system is clunky and outdated, people won’t want to use it, especially on their phones.  

      User experience is a critical component of efficient remote work systems. When a system is clear, intuitive, and built to adapt to different screen sizes, users can navigate through the system faster and accomplish tasks in less time.  

      And, honestly, a big priority for a mobile-friendly practice management system is that your team won’t get annoyed by it. Being annoyed by software leads to frustration and, to put it bluntly, refusing to use it.  

      Rocket Matter’s iOS- and Android-compatible legal software is designed to make it easy to work from anywhere. Lawyers can access the system’s capabilities on an intuitive platform. 

      • Track your time: Use integrated timers to track time wherever you are to keep your time log accurate and easy to integrate into client invoices.  
      • Stay on top of your schedule: Take advantage of task push notifications, calendar reminders, and other alerts to track meetings and deadlines from anywhere in the world.  
      • Access case information: Look up case information within your practice management system securely, including billing information, case history, and client contacts.

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      3. Provide employee training for remote work best practices 

      We get it. No one loves employee training modules, especially for things like data security, or how to use mobile systems. 

      But while these things may take up an hour or two now, they will provide significant long-term benefits by showing your team how they can work effectively when they’re out of the office.  

      Provide training not only for new staff but also for veteran team members who may be used to operating on older systems. Rocket Matter’s practice management system regularly provides new capabilities and updates. Set up an annual or semiannual review for current team members to discuss system updates, best practices, and frequently asked questions.  

      4. Establish and maintain open communication with your team 

      With remote work, it can be easy to go days without talking to your team. But “out of sight, out of mind” is a real thing, and face time (even over a video call) can help reinforce expectations and collegial bonds.  

      For any employees who will regularly be working outside of the office, establish policies for when attorneys and legal staff must be available. This is especially critical for employees coordinating across time zones.  

      Establishing work times can prevent one person from becoming a bottleneck in the system, as well as reinforce when your whole team needs to be available for case matters.  

      Other important communication strategies include: 

      • Regular standing meetings, such as a 15-minute morning check-in to review priorities for the day 
      • Longer weekly meetings to go over case matter status updates 
      • A practice management system that tracks updates and changes to case matters, so collaborating staff can see who updated a project, and when 
      • Internal messaging within your practice management system to keep all relevant conversations in one place 

      One Rocket Matter feature that stands out here is our Matter Stream. This feature provides a real-time feed of information, updates, notes, and billable entries all in one place, for anyone who needs to work on the project. This helps team members get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on so they can dive into a task without delay.  

      5. Run regular reports to understand how people spend their time 

      When people work remotely, managers have less visibility to see who’s working on what, and when. This can cause both underestimates and overestimates of your team’s productivity, both of which are a detriment to your firm’s operations. 

      With Rocket Matter Track, team members can view their time breakdown with an at-a-glance overview, to see where they might be spending too much or too little time. It’s a great tool for individuals and their managers to see which tasks take up more time, and where people might need more support.  

      Rocket Matter’s advanced reporting features provide even more custom reports and actionable insights, such as: 

      • Matter budget updates 
      • Productivity per user, including billable versus non-billable time 
      • Productivity per matter 

      No time to create custom reports for your team? No problem. The Rocket Matter team can custom-build reports for law firms.  

      Maximize your productivity with Rocket Matter 

      Remote work isn’t rocket science (pun intended). With best practices and the right tools to get you there, mobile working solutions can provide your team with the flexibility to get things done, wherever you are in the world. Embrace mobile solutions with Rocket Matter’s project management system, and maximize your productivity (and profitability) today. 

      Schedule a demo to see how your team can use Rocket Matter’s mobile solutions, and launch your firm’s productivity to new heights.  

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