Video from LegalTech New York Part 3: See the Buzz Around Malcolm Gladwell and Rocket Matter’s Cheap Hotel Room

In Part 3, our final installment from LegalTech, we see the buzz surrounding the round table discussion featuring Malcolm Gladwell, Lisa Saunders, M.D., and David Craig, Global Head of Strategy for Thomson West. I don’t know what that title means, but I’m guessing he’s good at chess. Seth Rowland gives his take on LTNY’s hottest […]

New Google Chrome for Mac Release adds Bookmark Manager

Thanks to Jim Halberg from NextPoint for pointing out that Google released a new version of Chrome with Bookmark Manager. Bookmark Manager crashed Chrome the first time I used it, but that’s another story. In any case, this development renders my previous post irrelevant. And now Chrome sits alone at the top of the heap. Chrome, I […]

How to Keep Social Media from Dominating Your Life

Social Media, whether Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn, Flickr, or something else, is like a huge train whizzing by.  Some people are trying desperately to get on it (enter the snake oil salesmen) while others are spending a little too much time on it. For those of you on the Social Media train, how often do […]

LegalTech 2010 Part 2: FutureLawyer Signs Up for Rocket Matter on Android, Interview with Designer

We were excited about the response to Ariel and Larry’s Excellent Adventure at LegalTech 2010 Part 1 (which was actually episode four and occurs after the fall of the old republic). In Part 2, FutureLawyer Rick Georges decides to move his practice management into the cloud and chooses Rocket Matter. We show him setting up […]

Blogging on an iPhone

I’m writing this post on an iPhone using an app called BlogWriter. It interfaces with most blog platforms, including WordPress. Typing on an iPhone is a frustrating endeavor at best, so why would anyone want an app like this? The beauty, as I see it at least, is the ability to capture ideas while you’re […]

Video from LegalTech 2010 New York: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, and Gladwell

Congratulations to ALM for putting on a fantastic and well-run event. LegalTech New York 2010 did not disappoint. West and Lexis put out major new product announcements with much fanfare. The thought leaders were there with interesting perspectives. We thank Sean Doherty for his time, and our mention in his wrap up, as well as […]