Legal Productivity: 10 Tips Gleaned from the Software Industry

Recently ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) published an article we wrote in their quarterly magazine Peer to Peer.  It’s a great magazine exploring exciting new ideas in the field of legal technology, and we’re excited to be part of their publication. The idea behind the article is this:  designing and delivering software is not an […]

Rocket Matter mentioned in MacLife Article: 1

We were excited to find out that Rocket Matter was mentioned in a MacLife feature story, 10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Run on Macs.  We’re in reason #4, Return on Investment.  The author profiles Ben Stevens, our friend The Mac Lawyer, from Stevens MacPhail, P.A. in South Carolina.  From the article: Since the switch, the […]

“The Cloud” Explained, part 1 of 2

This article first appeared in FindLaw’s Technology section on February 20, 2009. “The Cloud” Explained, Part 1 of 2 By Larry Port of Rocket Matter In the technology world, “the cloud” is an apt name for a murky topic with a hazy definition. Originally a computer science term, technologists and non-technologists alike have used “cloud […]

IDC Revises 2009 SaaS Growth Projections Upwards

IDC, a leading provider of market intelligence, has revised its SaaS growth projections upwards for 2009 due to the economic downturn. Recent IDC surveys and customer interviews support the finding that the harsh economic climate will actually accelerate the growth prospects for the software as a service (SaaS) model as vendors position offerings as right-sized, […]